10 Jobs Anyone Can Do Out of Their Home 2018

Blog | August 28th, 2018

If working from your couch is something you find appealing, there are new opportunities all the time. Working from home can be a great full-time gig for the right person, but don’t forget that there are also part-time remote jobs to help you earn extra money. Here are 10 jobs you can do out of your home.

Part Time

Mock Juror

Attorneys often practice before their big cases, and sometimes it’s helpful to get feedback from a pool of people similar to those who may be selected to sit on a trial jury. Through companies such as eJury and Online Verdict, attorneys can access interested people to review materials from the case and render their (mock) verdict. It helps the lawyers refine their arguments and gives them insight as to how the real-deal jury might behave. Mock jurors can be paid anywhere from $10 to $150 per case, depending on the work involved. You should know that this is very part-time, irregular work. Mock jurors in metropolitan areas will find more work than those in more rural jurisdictions.

Data Entry

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk can be a good source of part-time data entry work. People or companies who need brief tasks done, such as typing in information from handwritten forms, post the jobs on the site. Workers (or “Turkers,” as they call themselves), choose from a variety of tasks that take a varying amount of time to do, anywhere from a few seconds to 15 or more minutes. Many of the tasks pay just a few pennies, but experienced Turkers can build up to making a good wage per hour on the site. One big plus of the Mechanical Turk marketplace is that you can work anytime you want, for as long as you want, which makes it a great part-time gig.

Survey Taker

Many companies gather information called market research to decide on new product development and marketing campaigns, among other things. Survey sites such as Pinecone Research, IpSos and SwagBucks, will pay you to answer their surveys. Pay attention to the payment method for survey sites, many of them pay in gift cards to mass market retailers rather than in cash. Be sure you can use what you will earn. One other note on survey sites, they are a prime area for scams and identity thieves. You should not be required to provide personally identifying information, such as your Social Security or Driver’s License number, street address, etc. when completing a survey. Be sure you are working with a reputable company.

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Many students are turning to online tutoring services as a more convenient way of getting extra help with their homework. If you have expertise in any academic subject, you can apply through companies such as and Tutor Vista to work with students online. Some online tutoring companies do require you to work a minimum number of hours per week, while others are more flexible.

Search Engine Evaluator

Search engine evaluation jobs are some of the most highly paid per hour online jobs available. That said, the work can be project-based, and there is not always work available, so you can’t rely on it as your sole source of income. Search engine evaluators are paid to run searches for certain terms and rate whether or not the results are a good match for the search. If you’re interested in this job, check into companies such as Appen and LeapForce.

Full Time

Telephone Customer Service Representative

When you’re sitting on your couch calling a company with a customer service issue, you probably imagine you’re talking to someone sitting in a cubicle in an office building, but you may be talking to someone else who is sitting at their couch. Many companies hire customer service representatives who answer their calls from home. Check the job listings at Liveops, Amazon and the Home Shopping Network for these jobs. Some of them even offer health insurance and other benefits.


If you type quickly and have good grammar skills, taking transcription jobs from home is a good entry into the work-at-home world. If you have a medical or legal background, you may be able to take higher paying jobs, but there is plenty of work available for anyone who can pass a transcription test. Ubiqus, GMR Transcriptions and Rev are all great places to start.

Virtual Assistant

Busy executives rely on their assistants. The internet has allowed many busy people to delegate tasks such as email management, correspondence, record-keeping and travel arrangements to people who work for them remotely. Find job listings for virtual assistants at Zirtual, Aspire Global and Time Etc.

English Teacher

Many children, teens and even business executives in other countries seek out conversational English courses through online companies. Some of these companies require a college degree for the jobs, but you are not required to speak any foreign languages. Most companies have their own curriculum and requirements. Check out Cambly, VIP Kid and Rosetta Stone.


If you are bilingual, there are many opportunities to work from home, both as an interpreter on three-way calls and in translating written documents. Translation companies tend to specialize in certain languages or certain global regions, so you may need to experiment with several companies to find the right fit. Some companies to look into include Appen, Acclaro, Lionbridge and Language Line.

While some common ways to earn cash online such as buying and re-selling used goods or mystery shopping require you to leave the house, for our purposes here we’ve focused only on the jobs you can do from start to finish in your pajamas. Just don’t tell anyone we suggested it!