10 Must-Haves from Amazon for Your Next Roadtrip!

Blog | June 22nd, 2022

Are we there yet? For generations that has been the every ten minute question straight from the mouths of babes, children, and sometimes teens! When the road is long and the scenery is dull, anyone would agree the destination seems like a mirage that will never reach reality. From fun things to do to ways of staying comfortable, there are options to make any trip seem shorter! Just in time for your summer vacation, you came to the right place to find ten must-have items to make your next road trip more enjoyable!

Travel Pillow 

Trips often start early with groggy passengers. Sink into a bit more slumber with this travel-sized pillow and wake refreshed and ready to explore!

Travel Cooler

Sometimes we eat out of boredom but for a long trip, a pass on that reasoning is well deserved. Save money on convenience store prices and time waiting for shopping decisions to be made. This travel cooler is just right for holding enough snacks to get you through the trip. Pack easy favorites like juice boxes, water bottles, beef jerky, fruit snacks, and other on-the-road necessities that need to stay cool in one easy-to-reach place.

Car Charger/Adapter 

Electronics are great for passing the time so be sure to have plenty of places to plug your chargers with adapters to keep each device fully powered and every passenger entertained.

Road Games

You can go the old-fashioned way and find the alphabet on road signs or car tags for every state, or you can up your game with assorted on the road bingo! Plus, you won’t lose the markers with the easy slide windows, making this a truly perfect travel game!

Fans and Batteries

Inevitably someone is going to be too hot and others too cold. With this portable fan, you can keep the AC on low while each person has their own cooling system. This personal fan is USB powered, but with other options be sure to have plenty of batteries on board!

Earphones or Earbuds 

To save the sanity of the driver and all those contained in one vehicle, keep the music, DVDs, and other entertainment personal. With earphones or earbuds connected to each device, there will be peace for all!

Personalized First Aid 

Nothing will ruin a trip faster than a raging headache or a tummy that got too excited. Basic first aid kits often have essentials but miss the mark on specifics. Pack this empty first aid box to personally cover your family with things most likely to be needed such as baby aspirin, Goody Powders, ginger mints for coughs and upset tummies, bandaids, eye drops, cream for itching, instant ice packs, and any other quick-fix remedies.

Large Plastic Bags

This may sound boring and unnecessary but there are many times and reasons that you will reach for these twist-and-tie gallon-sized gems. Those uses may include collecting shells on the beach, unusual rocks and other cool finds from nature to a basic trash bag for all those snack wrappers, a puppy poop pick-up, and even a dreaded emergency “barf bag”. This is one simple must have you’ll be glad you brought along!

Comfort Items 

There are many “just in case items” that will be worth their weight in gold even if needed only once. The idea behind a vacation is comfort, rest and enjoyment so make sure yours stays that way! Trade bulky shoes for cozy socks, snuggle under a blanket, pack folding sunglasses to keep the glares away, add comfort items like sun-blocking lip balm, lotion, hand sanitizer, and light rain jackets in case you get caught in a sudden downpour. Thinking ahead will make your trip one of the best!

Reusable Shopping Bag

Every trip ends with a collection of souvenirs and personal treasures. Take along a distinctly different reusable shopping bag for each person to give an organized, easy-to-pack, personal space for bringing home all the memories gathered with no mix-ups and worries of what belongs to which traveler.