10 Must-Haves to Make Back-To-School Time Easier for Kids (and Mom)!

Blog | August 10th, 2022

It’s time once again to start packing and I don’t mean for vacations. Sorry kids, but back-to-school items are what’s in the bag this time of year. As long as you have to pack it up, you might as well enjoy the process and get the things you really need and want! There is something exciting about the first feel of fall in the air and getting a whole lot of new stuff! So, let’s make going back to school easier for kids and parents with must-have items in the $20 neighborhood (or less!) that will make school feel super cool!


Before you can pack up anything you need the bag to put it in. And since this is a highly visible school essential, make it a fashion statement you’ll be proud of. Going with something neutral can be your saving grace when you’re caught between superheroes, unicorns, and being too grown-up. This galaxy backpack will suit anyone and is made of durable anti-tear canvas. It has a large capacity and multiple sections with a separate laptop compartment and front zipper, plus elasticized side pockets to provide all the room you could possibly need, no matter what grade you’re in!


One definite back-to-school need is a binder. Keeping all those spiral notebooks and papers together isn’t easy and almost impossible without the support of this necessity! This one has an extra-large ring size of three inches and holds up to 600 sheets of paper. There are multiple pockets for devices and documents and a five-color, tabbed expanding file for holding additional documents. The full zipper closure, removable carrying strap plus the tear and water-resistant fabric cover will provide long-lasting use.

Insulated Bento Lunchbox

Although probably not accurate, how many times have you heard your child say they don’t like school lunches? With this bento box you can serve them the coolest lunch in the cafeteria. It keeps meals and snacks fresh and mess-free during transport while preventing food from mixing together. These boxes stay firmly sealed and feature two kid-friendly latches for easy opening and closing.

Weatherproof Spiral Notebook

From the inside out, this awesome spiral notebook will save some grief even if it gets wet. The all-weather paper holds up against water, grease mud, and even survives when left in a pocket and washed. The durable cover provides a tough outer shell that repels water, stains, and scratches. If your paper gets wet you can still use a standard number two pencil or an all-weather pen. The wire binding will keep its shape in your backpack which keeps your work safe and ready to turn in on time!

Four Color Ink Pen

This long-time classic is worth keeping around! School requirements often include blue or black and sometimes red ink. Have all three and one more in one convenient spot so you’ll be ready regardless of what color the teacher calls for. These refillable four color ink pens are perfect for recording data in different colors and have a convenient lanyard hole to keep it in reach.

Pencils, Pencils, and More Pencils

Pencils are a back-to-school staple and one you will use many of so why not go ahead and get enough to last all year? These classic #2 pencils with break-resistant lead keep your work neat with fewer interruptions and trips to the pencil sharpener. Plus, with less sharpening, your pencil will last longer. The erasers are latex free to steer clear of any allergy issues.

Pencil and Accessory Case

Stay organized with quick access to your classroom accessories. This pencil pouch and accessory organizer has three compartments, and opens wide for easy viewing with simple to open and close zippers. It’s made of canvas fabric that is washable and wear resistant which comes in handy after many hard-working school days.

For The Little Ones

Pencil grips will get little students off to the right start in writing. These grips are designed by engineers and recommended by therapists! They are great for use on pencils, pens, crayons, and more. These grips are made for either left or right-handed users and will help with posture correction and in developing proper techniques for excellent writing skills!

For The Big Ones

Say you’re headed off to college or finishing up high school with all sorts of term papers. These sticky notes will help you keep up and stay organized even with the most intense schedules. This set of 426 pieces in various sizes is perfect for bookmarking, term papers, journaling, marking calendar dates and so much more! They are also great reminders of deadlines when used on bulletin boards, computer monitors, and even walls.

For All Those In Between

When you’re in a hurry and want to get your back-to-school shopping done fast, this 45-piece set will have you covered from elementary school and up. This school supply kit is individually packed with the following supplies: four #2 pencils, four colored pencils, four ballpoint pens, four pink erasers, one manual sharpener with dome cover, one 12-inch ruler, two glue sticks, two 70-page spiral notebooks, four two pocket folders, one pack of crayons, one canvas pencil case, one five-inch ambidextrous scissor, and three highlighters!