11 Budget Easter Basket Ideas That Don’t Involve Candy

Blog | March 30th, 2019

Easter baskets aren’t just for kids. The contents might vary but people of any age will light up when they receive a basket customized just for them.

Store aisles are overflowing with candy bunnies and eggs of every flavor. Even veggies such as carrots turn chocolate at Easter. In an attempt to stay away from obesity, food allergies and dental visits, sugar-free baskets can be a welcome change! Many items can also be picked up at your local Walmart or Dollar Tree to fill those baskets full for less!

For Babies

Stuffed animals are always a comforting snuggle buddy! Build- A- Bear or Ty will give you a quality choice that will last for years. At Build a Bear you can even place a heart inside and fill it with hugs, kisses and special wishes. Tuck in a teether, rattle, some colorful bottles and an Easter onesie. Top it off with an Easter bonnet or ball cap.

For Toddlers

Fill baskets and little tummies with healthy Gerber fruit and veggie pouches. Satisfy the munchies with Gerber’s melt in their mouth cereal puffs.  Add a colorful sippy cup to make fluids fun. An Easter coloring book with stickers and chunky crayons for those sweet chubby hands will bring on the smiles for all your Easter photos.

For Active Kids

Start with a dodge or soccer ball. Fill in the baskets gaps with a jump rope, sidewalk chalk, water balloons and a kite for an array of activities. As the days grow warmer, water balloons and other “cool” toys will make outside play fun and comfortable!

For Artsy Kids

Pick up some inexpensive, small canvas boards. Paint brushes and acrylic paints will create some lasting treasures. At less than a dollar per bottle at Walmart, this Easter basket can be bursting with a rainbow of spring colors. Continue the festiveness with plenty of cute notepads, gel pens and markers.

In addition, what child doesn’t love bubbles? Multiple sizes and scents are available to replace the Easter cravings. There are even chocolate, marshmallow and jelly belly scented bubbles!

For Teens and Young Adults

Light up their life and brighten their basket with scented candles. Surround an adorable wax warmer with the Easter colors of Goose Creek candles, wax melts, fireflies, and car air fresheners. Goose Creek candles are not made with harmful or banned chemicals which is another plus. They have Easter themed as well as a huge selection of spring and summer scents.

Add a long-handled lighter from the Dollar Tree for easy lighting. For those that don’t like an open flame from a candle, the wax melt option will offer the same aroma that a candle gives.

For Movie Lovers

Although movie theaters will offer candy, this basket will not. Start with a favorite movie on DVD or grab a deal from Walmart’s five-dollar bin. Packages of microwave popcorn and a bottle or two of sparkling water will satisfy the munchies while avoiding the sugar. Cozy it up with some socks to match the occasion or the movie. Make room for a squishy pillow to sink into and enjoy the show!  

For Coffee Addicts

For the older kids on the list…put a “spring” in their Easter morning with a coffee basket. Start with a large container of their favorite and add a few smaller varieties to enjoy sampling later. Accompany with holiday or seasonal stirrers, a cute mug and coasters to match. If the bunny is feeling generous, he could add a convenient mug warmer.

For Beach Fans

A beach bag or pail could be the start of this “basket”. Filled with everything you need for a day in the sun. Roll up a beach towel and surround it with goodies such as packaged nuts, granola, jerky and flavored water to keep the recipient candy free. Tuck in some sunscreen and sunglasses and this basket will be ready to grab and go!

For The Organic Conscious

Purple Prairie offers many organic products that make everyday items healthy and special. You don’t need to use your taste buds to experience the feel of Easter. Try a bar of soap that smells like licorice jellybeans! Soak in organic lavender lotion and smell like springtime. The orange smoothie lip balm will take the place of fake orange candy. The face scrub will hydrate your skin while the essential oils take your cares away.

For The Gardener

Easter is all about new life and gardens are too! Whether it’s through beautiful flowers or a future harvest of delicious veggies…a basket full of gardening goodies is a great start. Small Garden tools, a watering can, and gardening gloves…scattered with seed packets and flower bulbs will make a beautiful basket now and a garden to admire later.

For The Elderly

Don’t ever forget the oldest group of kids at heart. Those that once made your Easter sparkle. The special people that are sometimes over looked when it comes to childlike memories. The simplest things will fill their day with happiness. Things that will make them comfortable such as lotion for their dry, loving hands. Or a soft, easily applied balm to soothe parched lips. Easy to eat snacks such as Annie’s organic cheese bunny and bunny tail crackers. A family photo will take them back to treasured memories. Add a box of tissues to catch the tears of happiness you have blessed them with.

Happy Easter, everyone!