11 FREE Gifts You Can Give for Valentine’s Day 2022

Blog | February 7th, 2022

Valentine’s Day began as a day honoring one or two early Christian martyrs by the name of Saint Valentine. Over the years it has put the not-so-loving meaning in hindsight and moved towards love for sweethearts of all kinds. With a long, growing list of those we love most, the gifts on Valentine’s Day have taken on quite a bit of diversity as well! Flowers are still fabulous but tools are cool, coffee is uplifting and many other options are as lasting as we hope our relationships will be! If you’ve run out of ideas, this list will offer incredible options for great, out-of-the-box gifts! Best of all, they’re free!

Bath & Body 

This is the store with a galore of festive holiday gifts! From lotion to candles, each item is filled with fragrance that will delight every love on your list! With these aromatic options, you’ll fill the senses without adding calories!


When you make your move, make it smooth, beginning with your shave. Gillette is the perfect go-to for personal help with impressing your Valentine. Anyone who receives this gift will have more than a soft heart!


Whip up a meal or special dessert that your whole family will love with a set of cooking utensils that is as strong as your love for each other! This festive set will be a welcomed gift that gives all year and sweetens the pot for every occasion.

Red Lobster Gift Card

Romance is always in the air at Red Lobster! The cozy atmosphere combined with lovely food from the sea is the perfect combo to set the mood for your Valentine’s dining! Plus, studies show that seafood is one of the world’s best aphrodisiacs! Follow Cupid’s arrow to lead you to your nearest Red Lobster with this gift card in your wallet!

Starbucks Coffee

What better way to make a heartthrob than a caffeinated pick me up from Starbucks? The rich aroma alone will have you falling in love as you brew up a warm, thoughtful gift in a cup. If it’s a calm and relaxing mood you’re after, you can have the same great taste with a decaf!

Valentine’s Candy

Our first memories of Valentine’s Day are likely the candy! Keep the thoughts of days gone by alive while sharing the taste of the holiday. Some say “all you need is love”, but the addition of candy only makes it sweeter! Even more so when it’s free!

Victoria’s Secret Set

Here is the opportunity to give a pretty in pink valentine gift from Victoria’s Secret to your special lady. Packed with lotion, body wash, and soft scented fragrance, this gift is from the VS Bombshell Collection, packaged perfectly and ready for your own bombshell beauty!

Aveeno Lotion

Love adds a certain glow but nothing can beat Aveeno’s Positively Radiant products when it comes to skincare! Brighten up every day with naturally derived ingredients that caress your skin with softness!

Kylie Makeup

When you give makeup and beauty products for Valentine’s Day, be sure it’s a brand made with love like the line created by Kylie Jenner. It’s cruelty-free, made in the US and right now you can try it, give it and become a fan for free!

Fenty Beauty

Fenty has a beautiful gift called match Stix! You can get it free right here and have a flawless gift on the way for someone special! Cover up the effects of late-night celebrations or add highlights to keep you bright all night!


It can take time to build a relationship but Craftsman is here to make other jobs move fast and smoothly! Give the handyman in your life a helping hand for life! You know the drill…a happy guy won’t make you cry!