11 Smart Ways To Spend Or Save Your Stimulus Check

Blog | April 13th, 2021

Oh, the anticipation of the stimulus check! You log in and look at your account multiple times daily and finally, it’s there! Do you spend it or save it? Since the purpose is to stimulate the economy, you could do both! Spending cautiously, shopping for deals, and taking your time could put money back into the community and give you a much-needed reprieve from financial restraints! Now is the perfect time to give all areas of life a boost! Need some ideas? Here are a few ideas!

Pay Off Debt

Sometimes out of necessity and difficulties we have to depend on credit cards. With those cards comes high interest that can eat up a stimulus check in one bite. As much as you want to spend it on something fun and exciting, your best option is to pay off those cards before you lose what you’ve gained. The relief will be worth its weight in gold!

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Maintain Your Car

Maybe your vehicle takes the back seat when things get tight. Always keep in mind that safety is savings. Maintenance can prevent bigger problems down the road. Prevention, such as slick tires, can prevent accidents that can be detrimental to any bank account and even much more so to the well-being of precious loved ones.

Stock Up!

When things get tight chances are food supplies have plummeted as well. Stock your freezer and pantry with food and treats to make up for lost times! Spend on items and products with a long shelf life. Use coupons and watch for sales to help you stretch every dollar.

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Storms and cloudy days of all sorts can pop up any time as we’ve learned. Put your stimulus check into a savings account to be prepared for all future, not-so-fun surprises. Saving for a rainy day whether it be a pandemic or other unexpected expenses will give you that umbrella you desperately need! Check out high interest yielding savings account so your money earns while it sits there.

Catch Up On Bills

Overdue bills can hit your valuable credit score as well as adding past due fees. Possibly resulting in utilities being turned off and reconnecting fees as well. Catch up and get back on track with your bonus check while staying away from all those penalty costs!

Take a Vacation

While continuing to lean toward caution and safety, get out and soak in a change of scenery! Revive and rejuvenate with your stimulus money and keep your own savings in the bank! Doing so will also stimulate the local economy as well! Win-win!

Replace an Old Appliance

A failing appliance may be draining more energy, making your bills rise. Go ahead and replace the inevitable now, before you suddenly lose your fridge and all the food in it. Stay a step ahead of your dryer making its last turn, leaving you with wet, moldy clothes. Shopping before you’re under pressure can get you a better price, too!


Have you always wanted to try your hand at investing but never have the extra cash? Well, now’s your chance! Plus you may very well make a few dollars or thousands! Your bank account and the economy will be stimulated by your brilliant choices!

Adopt a Pet

Is there a soft spot in your heart for homeless pets? Maybe now is the time to open your home and share it with a lonely, loving fur baby. Share that check with a precious pup or cuddly cat that has lost hope in feeling the love of a family. Those cold paws will turn into warm hearts for everyone!

Help Someone

Many need the extra cash from the stimulus check but some may not. If you’re blessed and doing well, look for someone who’s struggling and give their economy and life a boost with your excess. Some donations can also be tax deductions. It could do more than you will ever know!

Open a Savings Account

It’s hard to put cash aside with no foundation or starting point. Open a savings account with your stimulus check and start building! From there, make a point to add what you can from each paycheck. It’s like planting, once your roots are established you want to see the growth!

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