13 Kitchen Must-Haves That Save You Time and Money

Blog | September 6th, 2020

Most everyone wants to save and there are multiple ways to do that. One way starts in the kitchen, where food expenses can add up. Often, bottles of water get poured down the drain for the lack of ice to cool them down or for being left in a hot car. And occasionally it’s simply an issue of not having enough space to refrigerate or freeze items. It’s easy to fall into a routine of buying food and throwing leftovers out too, and even more frustrating over time to see more food going into the trash instead of on the table. Although it will cost a little to get started, here are some helpful ways that will save you time, money, and sanity in the long run!

Plenty of Pots and Pans

It will depend on how many cooks are in your kitchen, but it seems that regardless of which pot or pan I need…it’s dirty. Unless you live alone or don’t cook much at all, it is essential to have plenty of quality cookware. An ideal kitchen could be stocked with a large stockpot, medium pot, small pot, and varying sizes of frying pans. But luckily, you can use a large pot and large pan to cook your smaller meals too. Depending on the price, consider getting a few different sizes of each!

Electric Peeler

My family loves French fries, mashed potatoes, and anything apple…without the peeling. I would make them more often if I didn’t have to stand over the sink and fling peeling pieces behind the faucet. The prep alone is time-consuming and the mess following is a massive cleanup. Having this device that does the fruit and veggie peeling for you is a total game changer!

Storage Containers

I hate to think about how much food gets thrown away simply because there is no way to store it. Choose a set of containers that is stackable and can be used in the refrigerator or the freezer. You never know if you’ll want leftovers the next night or a month from now. Saving food is saving money and it might even save you from a few nights of cooking! If you prefer plastic, be sure it is BPA free!

Sharp Knife Set

A sharp knife will give you a platter of beautifully sliced fruits and veggies. Another reason to get a knife set is because of all the times you have had a house full of guests, a meal on the table, and are in panic scrounging for enough steak knives to go around. From slicing dicing to serving, a good knife set will make life easier and can be versatile for all types of foods and recipes.

Coffee Maker with Timer

I am the total opposite of a morning person! Having a coffee maker that can be preset the night before, that wakes you up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee will get you up and going on time! After all, you will want to be wide awake for any meetings you have to participate in at work in the morning.

Slow Cooker/ Crock Pot

Slow cookers, sometimes called crockpots, will help you save in more than one way. They’ll save you money from not eating out and will save you time with less cooking. There’s no need to stand over a hot stove for hours when you can put all your ingredients in one pot, set the timer, and wait for it to be ready when you’re home and hungry!

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Food Sealer

I used to think these were cheap “as seen on TV” gadgets. You know the, ”everything is $19.99, but wait! Call now and you’ll get not one, but TWO and we’ll even throw in free shipping!” But honestly, this is a great little gadget! Never waste anything when you can seal it airtight, and trap the freshness. If you don’t have room for storage containers, this vacuum food sealer is a great space and money saver!

Large Cutting Area/Cutting Board

Along with the dull knife issue, trying to prep food on a little plastic cutting board that slips and slides all over the counter simply doesn’t work! Take a deep breath and give yourself some viable working space with a cutting board that is well suited for the job! One that washes easily and is easy to store in your kitchen cabinets will be your best bet.

Ice Maker

Basic freezer ice makers can often leave your drink tasting a little funky. Stopping to get a bag of ice at the convenience store can turn into a melted catastrophe and costs a decent amount. Especially during the hot months when you need it the most, and on multiple occasions, you’ll want to invest in an ice maker that will pay itself off in the long run! With this little countertop ice maker, you can keep fresh ice cubes on-hand anytime you need them! This will literally save you at holiday gatherings, or when you need to chill a drink!

Chest Freezer

When your grocery store has an awesome sale, but you don’t have room in your kitchen to stock up, then you know it’s time for an addition to your appliances. Chest freezers don’t have to be big and bulky. Buy one with just enough room to get that extra turkey when they’re on sale or stock up on some sizzling steaks to grill out. You’ll save money on food and you’ll save gas and time by not having to make multiple trips to the store! Since you will probably keep it in your garage, you can also save money by not paying a higher price for a specific color.

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Water Filter

We’ve already mentioned the money lost from wasting water bottles. Convenience is often worth the price. For a family home with kids running around to sports practices you can save lots of money on water bottles by purchasing a water filter for your faucet, or a refillable filtered pitcher. Then kids can go fill up their water bottles before practice and you can help reduce your footprint to help the environment too. The earth will thank you!


Stop throwing away foods that you can turn into delicacies! Drying out meat and turning it into jerky will save you a bundle! As I’m sure you’ve seen, a few little nuggets of beef jerky in a bag has quite a price tag on it! With a dehydrator, you can also dry fruits and veggies, making them take on a whole new look which will possibly get your most finicky eaters to try them!

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Popcorn Popper

There are popcorn poppers and then there’s the Whirley Pop! I’ve had one of these for years and it makes the absolute best tasting popcorn! Healthier than microwave bags, you’ll save money too! Popcorn kernels are cheap and this little jewel will pay for itself many times over! If you plan on hosting any movie nights, you’ll definitely need the popcorn popper to make large batches for everyone to enjoy!

So, there you have it! 13 kitchen items that will fit within your budget and allow you to invest more in the places that matter most, like spending quality time with family friends and making memories!