14 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Are Both Meaningful And Affordable

Blog | February 3rd, 2022

December is filled with giving and January is filled with commitments. Then comes February which combines both. With our hearts turned towards sweethearts of all kinds, what are you doing for your valentine this year? Gifts of love should be meaningful without breaking the bank. Need some ideas? Here are fourteen ideas to celebrate your February 14!

Step up the Photos 

With places like you can turn an ordinary photo into an impressive keepsake canvas that will melt hearts! Often you can catch incredible deals including some where you just pay shipping, so choose your favorite photo and place your order!

Memories are Treasures 

Most everyone has a handwritten recipe or two that gets passed down in the family. Put them in a farmhouse frame and give the priceless gift of a personalized recipe to your loved one! Consider buying all of the ingredients and baking/cooking the recipe together!

More Than Just Flowers

You can never go wrong by gifting someone flowers. Make them extra special this year by choosing the bouquet yourself. Ask your florist for assistance then fill the arrangement with flowers you know your loved one will enjoy. Pick one flower of her favorite color, another a representative of her wedding bouquet or prom corsage, next her favorite flower, another resembling the centerpiece from your first date. You’re on the right track now to a personalized beautiful bouquet! Write special notes on each stem for a trip down memory lane!

When You Can’t Find the Words

It’s hard to speak from the heart when under pressure. Even movie stars need practice and need a second take from time to time. Luckily, you can record special message to your loved one, or even read a poem you wrote, and fine-tune it to perfection! If you mess up, you can start over as many times as you’d like! A video message can be a great greeting to start the day if your plans are all scheduled for later in the day.

Set Your Love in Stone

Make your valentine’s date one to remember and hold hands forever! Adding this hand mold kit to your evening activities will be unique and lasting with an A+ for thoughtfulness!

Dinner by Candlelight 

Restaurants are slammed on Valentine’s Day and often prices are doubled. Give your special someone a quiet candlelight dinner at home for a fraction of dining out prices. Make it a custom menu, possibly a replica of your first date!

Write Your Heart Out

Now is the time to say what you’ve always wanted to. Most cards are designed and written with someone else’s words. How touching it would be to switch it up and make those sentiments yours! If you’re creative, you can draw or paint inside the card. Watercolor paints will dry quickly if you do!

Wine and Chocolate Tasting at Home

This is a unique gift for two that will become a glass full rather than empty memory! You may not have the expensive brick-and-mortar option nearby. Instead, try a chocolate selection like this, made specifically for a tasting occasion. Choose your chocolate, add the suggested wine then have an unforgettable, romantic valentine experience!

Touch Their Heart

For less than $20, you can give a personalized fingerprint pendant to allow loved ones to feel your touch even when you’re apart. A video is included here with the description for a gift anyone will fall in love with!

Cook Up Some Love

Find out the favorite dessert of your loved one, then surprise them with a freshly baked version of it! Cakes, cookies, cheesecake and even pizza can all be made into a heart shape to add an extra helping of love!


Valentine’s Day isn’t just a romantic holiday. It’s about our little loves, too! Fill lunchboxes with heart shaped sandwiches, valentine cookies and napkins. Make old fashioned valentine boxes together and have each family member write a loving comment to drop in each box. End the day with guessing who said what and feel the happiness of being loved.

Parent Payback 

Think back to the many years your parents made you their special valentine. Maybe dinner is reserved for your honey so pay them back by taking mom and/or dad out for a lower priced lunch. On the way home swing by for a valentine themed coffee or a strawberry milkshake to complete your gift of loving appreciation!

Love Yourself

Many people don’t have a sweetheart, children, or any special valentine in their life. And that’s OK. Make this a day to pamper yourself! Pick up whatever you want to eat, come home and watch your favorite movie and somewhere in between light some candles and soak in a soothing bubble bath made just for YOU!

Hugs are Free!

Some end their child’s birthday by “hugging it away.” Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to do the same with your loves. As the day comes to a close, hold tight and reminisce as you hug this special day away! Leave everyone filled with warmth and contentment of being loved on this happy heart day.

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