15 Free Things To Do In The Fall

Blog | October 5th, 2019

For many people, fall is the best time of year. The weather is cool and crisp, and the scenery is spectacular thanks to the vibrant fall foliage.

The best way to experience everything that autumn has to offer is by finding free things to do in the fall that anyone can take part in, no matter how limited your budget is.

Get Out Your Fall Wardrobe in Anticipation of Cooler Weather

Put yourself in the mood for fall by putting your summer clothes away and getting out your fall wardrobe full of cozy sweaters, fuzzy socks, and warm boots.

Go for A Hike or Take a Bike Ride in a Local Park

Go for a hike or bike ride as many times as you like, alone or with friends and family. Not only will you get some fresh air, but you’ll also get exercise and be able to see some beautiful scenery while you’re at it.

Take Pictures of the Changing Leaves

You can do this on your hike or bike ride, or make a special trip just for taking pictures. Even if you’re not a photographer, it’s hard to take a bad picture when the leaves are at their peak.

There’s also no need for expensive cameras. Smartphone cameras have come a long way and make taking great pictures a breeze.

Collect Fall Leaves and Pine Cones

You can collect leaves and pine cones on your hike, or if you’re lucky, your back yard. Be sure to take bags with you if you choose to do this fall activity on your hike.

Once you have enough, try making a pine cone wreath or one of these fun fall craft ideas. The possibilities are endless!

Put Out Your Fall Decorations

Now it’s finally time to take out those fall decorations you just made (or get out ones you already have) and make your house ready for the holidays.

Need some ideas? Check out Pinterest for inspiration.

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Play in the Leaves

Do you still have enough leaves in your yard after making all of those fall decorations? There’s only one thing left to do, and that is to dive in and play! This quintessential activity makes for great pictures, too.

Plant Tulip Bulbs and Chrysanthemums

The best time of year to plant them is in October, after the first frost so that they’ll stay cool. When spring arrives, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor and enjoy the beautiful spring colors.

You can also plant chrysanthemums in the early fall to allow them to take root before winter arrives. Next fall, this perennial plant will produce some beautiful fall flowers for you to add to your fall decor. 

Visit a Fall Festival

There are so many types of fall festivals, it’ll be hard to choose which ones to attend. Try an Oktoberfest where you can sample German cuisine and beer. Find a local farm festival and pick out your own pumpkins or get lost in a corn maze.

Some places even have sunflower festivals. There’s nothing like a field of sunflowers to take your breath away.

Visit an Orchard

If you don’t have any nearby, you can hop in your car and make your way to the closest orchard to pick some apples for a nominal fee.

Take your family to the orchard and take some family photos in this picturesque location. Few things make for a better photo backdrop than an orchard.

Take a Road Trip to the Country

No orchards nearby? Then try taking a drive in the countryside. You may find some roadside stands selling pumpkins or apples while soaking up the fall scenery. Be sure to pack a picnic lunch to take with you.

Make Your Own Apple Cider

If you don’t feel like making apple cider with all of those apples you bought, buy some freshly pressed cider at the orchard you just visited. They often sell their own.

Make your own mulled cider spice mix and brew some hot mulled cider when it gets cold outside.

Make Your Own Pumpkin Spice Mix

Crazy about pumpkin spice? Try making your own pumpkin spice so you can make pumpkin spice lattes.

Watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”

It’s just not Halloween if you don’t watch this classic television cartoon. Watch Linus as he tells the tale of The Great Pumpkin, who he hopes will visit him in the pumpkin patch, and Charlie Brown when he gets invited to a Halloween party.

Watch a Scary Movie (or Two) on Halloween

Are you a horror movie fan? It’s time to break out any and all of your favorite scary movies! There are classics such as Halloween and Friday the 13th.

Or if you like more modern horror movies, try The Ring or The Blair Witch Project.

Not a huge fan of horror? Try watching the classic tale of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow or comedies Hocus Pocus, Ghostbusters, and Beetlejuice.

Have kids? They might enjoy Hotel Transylvania, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Monsters, Inc.

Have a Bonfire in your Backyard

Have a fire pit? Why not invite your friends and family over for a fall bonfire. Have them bring supplies to make S’mores. Maybe have some fun and tell some ghost stories.

Attend a Tailgate Party for Your Local Football Team

Even if you’re not a football fan, you can still have some fun taking part in a tailgate party for your local pro, college, or even high school football team.

Some Final Thoughts

While this list is not exhaustive, we hope we’ve given you plenty of ideas for cheap and free things to do in the fall. What’s your favorite activity? Please let us know!