17 FREE Samples To Claim For the Women in Your Life – or Yourself!

Blog | March 24th, 2023

In 1987, March was named Women’s History Month. The goal was to acknowledge and remember the determination and hard work set forth by women that did and do contribute to many aspects of life including history, culture, and society. To celebrate the women in your life, claim these awesome free samples that they’ll surely love. Or, if you want to celebrate yourself, claim them for yourself! Here are our favorite free samples to give thanks to the strong women in your life.

Gardening Supplies

Moms, teachers, and ladies of all ages seem to have a green thumb when it comes to gardening! Scoop up this free sample to make spreading the seeds and love simple!

Godiva Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? This sweet treat will tell the women in your life that you were thinking of them when you claim it for free!

Starbucks Coffee

If the women in your life like a hot cup of joe, this is the free sample for you. Claim a Starbucks gift card and wake her with the cozy aroma of caffeine!


All gifts are not luxuries, some are necessities and tampons are way too expensive. Claim some for free and the women in your life will thank you.

Hair Products for Travel

At home or away, make every day a great hair day with a bundle of freebies that are scented as sweet as she is!

Victoria’s Secret Sample

Who wouldn’t want to feel like a Bombshell every day? Claim this free Vicotria’s Secret fragrance sample and the women in your life will be begging for more!

Anti Wrinkle Cream

The answer to youth is only skin deep. You can claim a sample of Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti Wrinkle Cream to bring out a healthy glow for the ladies in your life!


These pastel beauties will add a springtime sparkle to her Easter basket for an unexpected, delicate surprise!

Essie Nail Polish

Essie is a top-notch nail polish brand. If the women in your life go to the salon, they’ll surely recognize this iconic brand. Claim this awesome sample so that you or the women in your life can do your nails for free!

Eyelash Curler

Complete your look with a perfectly curled lash! Claim this eyelash curler for free and gift it to a woman you love.

Makeup Samples

Makeup is expensive but it doesn’t have to be when you claim this awesome sample! You’ll get a free sample of one of our favorite brands including Mac, bareMinerals and more!

Adidas Socks

There’s no need for cold feet with this free offer of comfort from Adidas! Pick up your superlite springtime colors filled with just enough warmth for the season!

Bath Bomb

You know the women in your life deserve to be spoiled. Gift her relaxation with these egg look-alikes will add a fizz of luxury to your bath and a soft scent that lingers long afterward.

Yankee Candle

There’s just something special about the aroma of a Yankee Candle. Claim one for free and the women in your life will surely thank you!


Scrunchies are all the rage and you can truly never have too many. Get a scrunchie for free and show a woman in your life that you care about her hair!


Complete your look with a fierce red lip, for free! Claim a L’Oreal lipstick sample for free and you definitely won’t regret it.

Reusable Straws

Make the sustainable choice and claim a reusable straw for you or your household. This sample would pair great with the free Starbucks gift card!

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