19 FREE Samples That Are Perfect For An Easter Egg Hunt!

Blog | March 29th, 2021

Easter is on April 4th. Unlike Christmas and other cold weather holidays, there are celebrations for this special day that can be taken outdoors. This includes sunrise services, outdoor barbecues, and Easter egg hunts for kids! This year, make the hunt something everyone can get excited about with awesome prizes for every age group! Best of all, you can save a basket full of cash by hiding and stuffing eggs with free samples! Let’s make it spectacular and collect the savings!

1. Chapstick

Protect your lips from drying out during the change of seasons! Taste the yummy and feel the difference! You can never have too much chapstick lying around the house!

2. Yankee Candles

Welcome the new spring season into your home with these candles! Bring scents of spring and summer indoors without suffering from allergies!

3. Essie Nail Polish

Instead of coloring Easter eggs and making everything smell of vinegar, get the girls together for a nail polishing party! It’s just as much fun, plus it’s lasting and fashionable!

4. iPhone Cord

Even if you don’t need a new cord now, keep a spare on hand. You can even use this one for your car. So for now, put one in your Easter basket!

5. Nike Socks

Socks are perfect basket stuffers for all ages. Everybunny needs warm, protected feet. So, snag some Nike socks and a basket or egg case to stuff them in, then “just do it!”

6. Target Gift Card

Target has unique, bunny approved surprises that you won’t find just anywhere. Having a Target gift card will give you a chance to fund the best egg hunt ever!

7. Pearl Hairpins

This is just the touch your hair needs for a new Easter look. They’re the perfect size to stuff in an easter egg. And unlike chocolate, they won’t melt!

8. Tide to Go

Be ready to remove unexpected stains anywhere with Tide! When chocolate bunnies melt and wind up on Easter outfits, it will be easy to hop to it and make it disappear!

9. Scrunchie

Pretty, colorful hair scrunchies make the perfect first egg find of the season! Then, pull your hair back and get serious about searching! Without your hair in your face, spotting those treasures will be easier than ever!

10. Rings

Forget the golden egg; find the one with silver in it! These sparkling rings will be like finding gold at the end of the colored egg rainbow!

11. Headphones

What a find! Headphones in the colors of Easter! Does it get any better than this? Not to a kid or a teenager! Listen to your favorite Easter playlists with your new headphones!

12. Dove Men+ Care Products

If the guys aren’t into hunting eggs, stuff their baskets with Dove men’s care items. They’ll love the clean moisturizer and cleanliness that these products provide!

13. Covergirl Mascara 

Have an easy, breezy beautiful Easter egg hunt with Cover Girl! Your eyelashes will receive all the Easter Sunday compliments!

14. Baby Lips

Make your lips fresh and soft! Add springtime color, SPF 20 protection, and 16 hours of hydration to your lips with Maybelline Baby Lips!

15. Face Masks

These aren’t the face masks you’re probably thinking of considering this Easter is a lot like the last one. These masks are soothing, hydrating, and come in packages that are so cute, they fit right in with any Easter basket theme!

16. Travel Shampoo

These travel shampoo bottles are perfect for beginner and experienced travelers! Pack them for a weekend visit to Grandma’s house, a hotel stay, or an important business trip!

17. Bath Bombs

These multicolored jewels are literally the bomb these days! Everybody deserves to de-stress with a bath. The best part is they are organic, moisturizing, and a perfect addition to a special basket or egg hunt!

18. Band-Aids 

Fix any boo-boo and dry all tears with these cheerful, familiar, animated faces! Kids will wear them with pride knowing the Easter Bunny delivered them straight to their baskets! What a thoughtful Easter Bunny!

19. Mario Badescu Products

Easter egg hunts can be tiring, but we have one more product to fill your last egg container before you start planning an Easter brunch! Claim Mario Badescu Skincare Products that cleanse pores and will let you shine this holiday!

As you can see, these products are perfect Easter egg stuffers and can add variety to any Easter basket! Now that you’ve saved on these free samples, have a wonderful and safe Easter!

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