27 FREE Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer

Blog | May 17th, 2019

School is almost out for the summer which means boredom will soon be in. Keeping the kiddos happy and occupied can be expensive. Ultimately, everything costs something whether it be gas to get places, water to splash in or odds and ends to complete a craft. Moving beyond that, free entertainment is out there with just a little digging and creativity!

Here are 27 different things you can do for free with your kids this summer!

  • Go on a nature hunt. Bring a basket so that you can collect cool items! You’ll be able to get a jump on the holidays by finding an endless array of interesting items for decorations and gifts.
  • Cool off at free area splash pads. For example, Atlanta’s Olympic Park and City Garden in St. Louis offer this wonderful water fun. Many cities across the U.S. offer something similar.
  • Towns and cities often host free movie nights. Check with your town’s event pages to find times and locations.
  • If your family loves animals you can volunteer at an animal shelter for free love and licks. Who knows, you may even grow your furry family in the process.
  • Did you know your public library probably has free passes to local entertainment? Visit your library to acquire free passes to the zoo, plays and other free fun events!
  • Get outside and explore! National Park Service celebrates their birthday every year on August 25. They celebrate by providing free entrance to parks on that day!
  • Summer is a patriotic season. Does your family love fireworks? Because if so, many towns and cities offer free fireworks shows.
  • Headed to the beach? Carve out some special time to collect shells. You can even make it a game to see who can find the most! Once you get home you can use the shells for all kinds of crafts.

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  • Cool off without spending your hard earned money at a water park. Instead, make your own water park with sprinklers, super soakers, water balloons and, of course, a slip and slide.
  • Go to a department store craft event! Many stores like Michaels and Home Depot offer free workshops or lessons for kids to create a special treasure.
  • Camp for free in your own backyard. Pitch a tent and have a campfire while the comfort of home is literally a stone’s throw away.
  • Make chores seem way more fun than they really are. You can host a car wash right in your driveway. The kiddos will love spraying the hose. Plus your car will be nice and clean.
  • Visit a museum. Most museums offer free admission on specific days, so check it out and check in on the days you can visit for no cost.
  • Sleep in the back of a pick-up truck. Make it cushy with pillows and blankets while you fall asleep under the stars.
  • Visit a farmer’s market or festival. Enjoy all the free samples you can get your hands on as you take in the scenery.
  • Spend some quiet time at the library. Read and check out books for free at your local library. They may even be hosting a summer reading competition to encourage your little ones to read. Additionally, many libraries have free movie rentals as well.
  • Are the kids tired of their toys? Get together with friends and do a toy swap. It will be like getting new toys for free!
  • Do you have a big family? Gather everyone together for a wiffle ball game. Give the game ball to the MVP for a sweet memory.
  • Break away from your back yard swing set and go to the park for a large variety of fun playground equipment. Take a cooler full of inexpensive popsicle freeze pops for a big smile and cold energy boost.
  • Make a time capsule. Let the kids fill a jar with items for future generations to find. Or, if your kids are young, put some sentimental items away now and give them back when they’re adults.
  • Skate your heart out! There is often free skating offered across the country. Use this site to find free skating locations in your area.
  • Have a family movie night. Spread out a bunch of blankets. Then spread yourselves out on the floor and enjoy snacks and time together.
  • Have a family slumber party. After the movie, bring out the sleeping bags and indoor lanterns. The kids will love not being told its bedtime!
  • Who doesn’t love bowling? Register here to get free bowling for the kids all summer long.
  • Go stargazing! Download one of these free apps before you head out. These awesome apps will help you identify what you’re looking at.
  • Pizza Hut offers a summer reading challenge to young readers. Teach them to reach goals and they’ll qualify to win free prizes!
  • Roast marshmallows around a fire pit. If you don’t have one, make one! Place some rocks from your yard in a circle. Collect free sticks and wood to burn. Be sure you clear a safe spot where flames won’t travel. This is a great way to end any summer day!