3 Cash-Saving Tips for Single Mothers

Blog | May 11th, 2012

Did you know that there are more women who are single mothers than there are who have complete families? Sad but surprisingly true. According to surveys, 83 percent of single parents are mothers while only 17 percent are fathers.  With our tough economy, raising a family is very hard, moreso to those single parents out there. If you’re one of them, then you should realize that saving even a single dollar counts a lot. In this article, we will be helping you with some simple tips on how to save money while being a single parent to your child. Here are some useful that you could actually do.

          1) Food products can take a large percentage of your monthly income. That’s why it is necessary to do everything you can to cut those expenses without sacrificing the necessities from your family. You should make a grocery list when buying goods. Don’t buy frequently and avoid a lot of impulse buys. Schedule shopping once a week and buy in bulk. You can also buy fresh fruits and vegetables that will last longer. Use veggies first and teach your child to eat more vegetables than meat. This could save you a lot on your grocery budget while teaching your child to be healthy.

          2) You can also find ways to cut those high-cost bills like electricity, cable and heating system. These bills are all big consumers of your monthly income. If you have one, use the programmable thermostat on your heating machines and set a timer so that you maintain a comfortable temperature during the day and the night. With your cable, you can ask your operator to remove less-viewed channels and negotiate for price adjustments. Electric bills can be lowered down by simply turning off lights and equipments when they are not in use. You will be surprised by how much money stays in your pocket every month by doing this.

          3) Use opportunities like coupons and discounts when buying household products. There are a lot of groceries and department stores that offer discounts. You can also try shopping for some items in the dollars store. You will be surprised by what you find. For your kids’ clothes, you can purchase them online for cheap. Search for an online store that offers promo coupons and use them to your advantage when buying. Never be ashamed when using these tricks and just focus on the big money that you can save.

          Being a single mother to your child doesn’t make you less of a parent. You can use any of these guidelines to provide the best for them. You can also create your own ways to cut some unnecessary expenses in your monthly budget. Just remember that showing your child the value of money and frugality in life is the best lesson you could teach them.

          What do you do to cut your unnecessary expenses? Do you have more ways that could guide other single mothers out there? Share it with us by leaving a comment below!