3 Great Tips to Save on Plane Tickets!

Blog | June 27th, 2012

With the increasing number of travel sites and booking agencies, not to mention the airline sites themselves, it is now easier to look for an inexpensive ticket. This is because travelers are now given a thousand ways to search for inexpensive fares.

But what other tricks are there left for you to make sure you get nothing but the best possible price? And where exactly should you start looking?

Being Flexible will Go a Long Way

There are many aspects that influence the price of your plane ticket. As always, it depends on when and where you plan to travel. That is why being very flexible will help you score some great savings! If you do not have to arrive or return on any specific dates, then traveling on less crowded days like Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays will help you save a lot. Also, consider taking the morning flight, or the “red eye” flight. This is the time when airlines need to have their planes returned to a certain destination, and taking the flight which is usually scheduled on the odd hours will help you save some money.

Also, if you are not in a hurry while taking an international flight, you can opt for a flight with a stopover. Remember that direct flights are the expensive ones. Just make sure that the time you have spent for the stop over will not cost you more than what you are saving.

Doing Your Own Research will Help You Gain a Lot of Information

It is usually free to sign up for e-newsletters from travel sites. Make sure to sign up to know more about the best deals and promotions that they have. You can also do some research on the actual travel and airline sites. This way, you will know how much you will be spending before purchasing the ticket.

Did you know that you could gain some extra savings by booking straight from the carrier? If you always book your flight on third party websites, consider this option. Remember that booking straight from the carrier will usually not charge an extra processing fee; which is what you may get from third party websites.

Travelling Packages Make Things Super Easy

Alright, so you thought you already have what you needed with your plane ticket? How about your car and your hotel room? If you need a hotel and a car on your next travel destination, then you can opt for a travel package. Getting all three in one travel package can help you gain more savings than reserving each individually.

Have you ever tried any of these tricks? Which have helped you the most? Share it with us by writing your comments!