4 Themed Halloween Party Ideas

Blog | October 23rd, 2012

4 Themed Halloween Party Ideas

Whether you consider yourself creative or not, throwing a one-of-a kind, memorable Halloween party for you and your guests to enjoy is very easy. The best way to make your party stand out is to have it revolve around one theme.

Remember that sending out invitations is a must. You can always send out electronic invitations using Facebook or email but be sure to send them a week or two before the event. You can also go for handmade cards to give them a more personal touch. Be sure to double-check if you have included all the details such as what to bring and what to wear if it’s a themed party!

Here are five fun and frugal theme suggestions for your Halloween party to make it unique and stress free.

1. Host a Pumpkin-Carving Contest!

Let your guests compete for the best Jack-O-Lantern. This could be really exciting and everybody can participate. Encourage your guests to bring their own pumpkins and you can provide them with the necessary engraving and carving tools. You can also make it a potluck party where guests can bring along their own favorite snacks or drink.  This way, you won’t have to prepare a full meal for everyone. You can arrange the price of a modest gift certificate to a local restaurant or maybe something cheaper, such as a gag gift, for the winner.

In this type of party, you have to make sure that you have a space, big enough for people to scatter and

2. Put up a Murder Mystery Party

If you want to host a murder mystery party (think a live-action version of the game “Clue”), be sure to research how to actually host a who-done-it party. This is one is very challenging and requires some preparations ahead of time. You can buy the full kits for reasonable prices (under $20) on sites like Amazon, or you might be able to find a free script online!

Keep in mind that this game takes a long time. So, give yourself plenty of time to prepare if you want your party to be a success. These types of parties work well if you have limited guests, and especially if you plan to serve dinner.

3. Plan Your Own Scary Movie Night

Are you a fan of cult classics? Slasher films? Psychological thrillers? New horror movies? Whichever type of scary movie you like, you could host a movie night! Instead of paying $15 a piece for tickets to a movie, invite your friends and family over for your own scary movie showing! Have festive snacks and drinks, and enjoy your Halloween favorites!

4. Set a Couples Costume Contest

Since people often go to a party with their family, why not set up a couple contest costumes? It will be great to see Batman and Catwoman together or maybe Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. This way, you can inspire adults to dress up with the kids! Maybe you’ll see a family dress as the Incredibles or the Addams Family!

Let us know what other themed Halloween parties you can think of!