5 Affordable Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Dates

Blog | February 8th, 2018

5 Affordable Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Dates

The most romantic day of the year is almost here. If you’re like millions of other couples out there, you want to plan a special day to be remembered. But don’t trick yourself into spending a fortune!

Frugal couples can enjoy each other’s company with these easy to afford date ideas.

Have a Self-Guided Cooking Class

Attending a cooking class is a proven date idea that has stood the test of time. Luckily, today’s technology means that there are hundreds of cooking lessons available online for free! Pick a favored dish that you both agree on and go through the steps together. The romantic meal afterward will feel extra special since you prepared it as a team.

Make a Relationship Time Capsule

This one is especially good for those of you in long-term relationships. Print out your favorite photos together and store them in a time capsule. You can also include things you’ve made together, gifts you’ve given each other or symbols of the places you’ve traveled to. It will be fun to put together, and you can open it sometime in the future for some extra nostalgia!

Explore the Stars

Most restaurants and typical date spots are loud and busy on Valentine’s Day, so get out of the city and appreciate some peace and quiet. This is great for introverted couples that want to be alone. Find a park or campground away from the lights of your city and set up a blanket and a handful of pillows for a night of stargazing. Hot chocolate is also an affordable idea that goes great with this date!

Paint Portraits of Each Other

A trip to the art store is cheaper than any fancy dinner.  Buy some painting supplies and two canvases for a night of fun attempting to paint a portrait of each other. Face each other while you do it for inspiration and conversation. The results could be inspiring, hilarious and eye-opening, but the true pleasure comes from spending this frugal evening together. Regardless of your artistic skill, this activity is sure to entertain!

Celebrate the Next Day

Couples that love to save together will be excited to give this date a try! Take your date out the day after Valentine’s Day to save time and money. Take your date to local stores in your area to take advantage of the significant post-Valentine’s Day markdowns. Pick up candy, decorations, desserts, cards and more. Nothing is off limits. Enjoy your spoils together while you laugh at everyone that paid full price the day before.