5 Of The Best New Amazon Prime Day Launch Products

Blog | July 12th, 2019

Prime Day has a new way to celebrate this year!

Amazon is launching some new products for Prime Members to enjoy during their Prime Day shopping holiday from July 15-16. These new products were not available on Amazon previously, so this is your first chance to take a look and enjoy them!

Here are some of our favorites.

Men’s Aluminum Free Deodorant

Be calm, cool and healthier!

Enjoy the freshness of eucalyptus, orange peel and juniper. Made with matcha and arrowroot powder to keep you cool and block odor. Long lasting solid stick that goes on clear leaving no stains or white marks on your clothing. No aluminum or parabens, pH tested!

Now $8.95 for Prime Members only!

Wireless Voice Controlled Car Charger Mount

Put the phone down and drive safely with voice commands!

This is a game changer and easy to use! The mounting clips will open automatically by your voice or when the phone is near the clamp.  The phone charges when it is in the charger.

Now $35.99 for Prime Members only!

Mr. Coffee Pour Over Coffee Maker

Great tasting coffee every time!

This Mr. Coffee has an on-screen, step-by-step guide that walks you through the pour over process, so you get the right amount of coffee and water and the perfect brewing temperature every time! The auto-measure scale automatically calculates the right amount of coffee and water, so you know just how much to add for the perfect cup of pour-over coffee. The temperature-controlled gooseneck kettle heats to the optimal Coffee brewing temperature. Uses #2 cone pointed filters (sold separately) Brews 2, 4, or 6 cups of coffee. Warming plate not included, as extra heating of pour-over coffee may make it bitter.

Now $139.99 for Prime Members only!

Plant Fueled Snicker Doodle Doo Cookies

Cookies that are good and good for you!  

Too “good” to be true? Not this time! These soft snickerdoodle protein cookies taste like the real thing but are made using only gluten-free ingredients and no junk. They contain 10g of a healthy plant fueled protein cookies that are delicious, full of flavor and simple ingredients. Non-GMO Verified, Vegan Certified, Gluten Free Certified, and Kosher Certified. Made with pure ingredients like pea protein, brown rice, chocolate and chia seeds.

Now $9.99 for Prime Members only!

Cubcoats Unicorn 2-in-1 Hoodie

Unicorns really are magical!

Cubcoats magically convert from a plush unicorn to a soft, comfy hoodie. Made with premium, non-allergenic materials, each Cubcoat is fully lined for maximum comfort. Easy care machine washable and safe in the dryer. The cotton blend material is tested to last over 1,000+ washes! A recognized winner of the National Parenting Product Award, you can trust Cubcoats to deliver only the highest quality! 

Now $35.00 for Prime members only!