5 Simple Habits That Will Save You Money

Blog | February 18th, 2019

In today’s world, anything saved is definitely something earned. Sometimes it’s not just about simply saving. Creating good habits can save you money as well. How can habits save money? Some may require making new habits while others may be old ones that need breaking. Let’s start with five simple ways to get you on a new road towards saving!

Only buy what you need.

Break the habit of heavily stocking up. Having a spare is one thing but over abundance will almost always lead to waste. Food spoils and expiration dates sneak up on you. An overkill of anything seemingly makes us ready and willing to use more than we would if we buy minimal amounts. Not only will you over spend but you will also waste. That’s a double loss!

Make a list.

Heading to the store or market without a list will mean spending more money. Grabbing a few extras of this and “I might need one of those” will add up quickly. Having a list with the essentials will keep you focused, and you’ll come out saving a bundle. Get in the habit of eating before you shop.

We all know not to go to the grocery store hungry. That’s a bad habit that will make even the disgusting foods look good. When you indulge and spend your hard-earned cash on fake filler food, you’ll feel sick in more ways than one.

Map out your errands.

Knowing your best route in advance will save gas as well as time from running way over here then way back there. Line up your stops in the most efficient order, and you’ll have money left in your pocket as well as the time to spend it. Take along a cooler with an ice pack if your stop for cold items comes before you are ready to head straight home. Plan your gas stops while you’re out instead of making a special trip for them.  Avoid burning your value card profits by creating out of the way tours just for a fill-up.

Be sure to have those savings cards with you. They are free and can save you up to $1.00 per gallon of gas when you have earned enough points. That’s quite a savings! Try to start your route in the direction of the pump that will save you the most cash. You’ll relax on your outing with the tank full and your wallet fuller.

Turn things off.

From lights to appliances to running water, every bit makes a difference. Not only will the pennies here and the dollars there add up to lessen your bills, but they will ultimately save you from replacing light bulbs, paying for septic tank pumping, energy costs, and other overworked replacement items. You will also avoid the inconvenience of doing these things more often.

In today’s busy world, time is money as well. It’s much easier to flip a few light switches than to make out of the way runs to replace a burned-out bulb. And it’s cheaper too! Teach the kids to get into this habit because often, they are the biggest culprit. Don’t forget the habit of locking doors. Lack of this one could wind up costing you everything.

Simplify everything.

Holidays, gift giving, overcooking and buying things you don’t really need will drain your bank account and leave you wondering where it all went. With a little less you will enjoy the full quality of what you have while gaining the peace that saving money will give. Most of the time, less is more. But when money is involved, more is more!