5 Tips for Keeping Kids Safe At The Pool This Summer!

Blog | June 15th, 2022

If summer had a nickname, a fitting title would be swim season. How can you even think of this time of year without a water fest of some sort? Where there’s water and pools there’s excitement galore and folks of all ages anxious to indulge in every splashing moment. But first things first and that is safety!

Even the best of swimmers should keep a cautious eye open. When children are in the mix they are often fearless and unaware of dangers that could be lurking in something filled with so much fun. So, adults, be absolutely certain to keep every summer minute a happy one with simple precautions and these five tips for keeping kids safe at the pool this summer!

Swimming Lessons

While children are young and daring, use this time to begin teaching them the basics of swimming. Don’t wait until a minor mishap turns into a traumatic fear of the water. With these lessons come the physical swimming techniques as well as rules for pool and water safety. Instill the importance of both in them ASAP and continue for years to come as you build strong and responsible swimmers!

Keep Afloat

Once upon a time, there was an inner tube of sorts built into a swimsuit. That alone is enough to say research your choices wisely! The now-grown kids that wore those contraptions have actually been quoted calling them a “death trap.” Their words don’t ring far from the truth because once those devices were securely in place, the child could flip over, with their head underwater with no way to turn back up. So be sure your child wears something with proven certified safety such as a life vest that is made specifically for the water and not a flimsy dollar device that could easily pop or deflate.

Secure Your Pool

Laws vary by state regarding fence requirements for pools, both residential and public. For the security and safety of kids everywhere, every pool should be securely enclosed with a sturdy fence to prevent accidental access. Older kids should know better, but younger ones will likely be drawn to wide open, diamond-like, sparkling waters. With no thought of dangers lying ahead, a child can be underwater in no time, fighting for survival. So yes! Surround your pool with a childproof fence, gate, and lock that can only be accessed when accompanied by a responsible adult!

Constant Supervision

When kids are in or near the pool, there is absolutely no excuse or reason for them to be left unattended. Not even for a second! Kids get rowdy, they run, they jump on each other’s shoulders pushing one underneath underwater, a race is likely in progress even on slippery concrete and up ladders which can be a cause for ER stitches. And let’s not forget the dreaded diving board which can be fun for those adequately trained but an absolute fright-fest for kids that have no idea what they’re getting into. If you’re cooking burgers, need a bathroom break, or anything that takes your eyes off of those kids, have a tag team of adults ready and on their post with another in the water at all times!

Emergency Preparation

First of all, have a list of imperative rules. A bright and colorful sign within the pool area with those rules listed is a great reminder. Sit down with your kids and explain each rule step-by-step. Have them sign an agreement that they understand and will abide by the rules, or they will be “fined.” Next, have an emergency kit with a big red cross above it as an easy locator. Always have a fully charged phone easily available with emergency numbers beside it…including 911. Become CPR certified because you never know when a few critical minutes will make all the difference in the event of an emergency before medical help arrives.

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