6 Samples that Scream Summer

Freebies | May 24th, 2022


Everyone’s favorite season is almost here! Summer is a time for enjoying time outdoors whether you like swimming at your neighborhood pool, camping at the beach, barbecuing with friends, or some other activity in the sunshine. It also means kiddos have time off from school and will be in need of activities to keep them busy.

If you happen to prefer other times of the year or already have your summer all planned out, click here to see other freebies you can snag.

For those that are in need of summer refreshments, a good SPF, and ideas for how to keep things exciting during summer break, we’ve collected six of the best summertime samples and freebies we could find.

Enjoy fun in the sun with offers for:

  • La Roche-Posay SPF lotion
  • Passes for Kids Skating
  • Aura Bora drinks
  • An Inflatable Above Ground Swimming pool
  • Nightfood ice cream
  • Wendy’s ice cold sodas

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.