6 Ways to Trick Out Your Tailgate Party on a Budget!

Blog | September 8th, 2017

6 Ways to Trick Out Your Tailgate Party on a Budget!

Who’s ready for some football?

Whether you’re glued to the TV every week, or don’t care about gridiron glory, tailgate parties are a popular tradition that brings everyone together. Although people spend hundreds of dollars a week on the festivities, you don’t need to break the bank. We’ve hosted some great pregame get-togethers on a budget by following these rules!

Don’t Pay for Prime Parking

Don’t let the cost of parking keep you from having a good time! Host your tailgate in a cheaper lot that’s near the stadium and take a shuttle to the game instead of paying premium parking rates. You should also carpool and pitch in on parking!

Balance Your Menu

When you think of tailgate parties, you’re probably thinking about delicious barbecued meats. Unfortunately, those steaks and ribs are the most expensive items on your menu. Mix things up with these cheaper dishes that everyone will love!
  • Slow-cooked chili
  • Queso dip
  • Nacho bar
  • Potato salad
  • Vegetable kabobs

Pick Frozen Over Fresh

Expensive meats make up the backbone of most tailgate party menus. Save money by purchasing frozen alternatives ahead of time when they’re on sale. This allows your food to last longer and they’ll defrost by the time you’re ready to grill anyway!

Get The Team Involved

A big tailgate party is a cheaper tailgate party. Have all of your guests bring a menu item and you’ll have plenty of food before you know it! Don’t forget to coordinate so you have all your appetizers, entrees and desserts covered.

Games Before Grilling

Tailgates are not all about the food! Bring some games to the game to help people socialize instead of eating the entire time. The best tailgate parties bring people together, and games like cornhole, cards and ladder toss are great pregame distractions.

Score One For The Home Team

As much as the savings in this article will help, tailgating at football games is not cheap. When you combine the cost of tickets, parking, gas and food, you could be in for an expensive day out. Think about hosting the party in front of your TV at home for the same food and company at less than half of the cost!