7 Affordable Gifts on Amazon For The Kids

Blog | December 8th, 2018

Whether you’re a parent or a distant relative, shopping for kids can be tough. Their interests are constantly changing, and they’re outgrowing clothes and hobbies by the week. Skip a headache by grabbing one of these simple and affordable options.


Harry Potter Wand

With another film series in theatres, it’s almost guaranteed that children will be wishing they were wizards for decades to come. You can even buy this gift in bulk to encourage fun and creative wizard duels in the backyard.


Plush Llama

Stuffed animals are a timeless gift that applies to kids of all ages. It’s easy to check if the child in question is still in this phase, so take a peek at their bedroom and see if there are any plush toys. We almost guarantee there won’t be a cool-looking llama!


How To Draw Pokemon

Pokemon is still one of the world’s largest phenomenon and that makes it a great choice for Christmas shopping. This book combines an art outlet with an entertaining franchise for a great gift.


Dinosaur Model

Although it’s a phase that doesn’t always stick, dinosaurs shock and awe many children. There are plenty of different models to choose from, so pick something that matches the child’s personality for a sentimental touch.


Cartoon Animal Backpack

Cute backpacks are a Christmas favorite! Kids will be getting dozens of different gifts, and they’ll love a cute bag to carry them in. This may not be a school backpack, but it’s great for weekends and trips around the house.


Iron Man Keychain

Akin to Pokemon, Marvel superheroes are guaranteed to be an important part of pop culture for years to come. If you know a child that’s ever enjoyed an Iron Man movie, this is a great item for them to attach to their backpack.


Fortnite Socks

Without a doubt, the most popular phenomenon in schools across the country right now is Fortnite. These fun socks take advantage of that movement at an affordable price. It’s an easy way to connect with a popular hobby that millions of children are enjoying right now.