7 FREE Essential Spring Cleaning Tools

Blog | April 12th, 2021

Spring cleaning is going on in households across the country! The start of a new season can be the perfect reminder to freshen up one’s home. But cleaning products are expensive, especially when you want to try out new products! Then, you feel obligated to keep using products because they cost so much money. Luckily, the links below all lead to free cleaning samples that you can try before you buy! Scroll through seven free cleaning products that you can claim today!


Don’t temporarily cover odors when you can eliminate them completely! Febreze is a water-based solution that removes unpleasant aromas from the air and fabrics. It’s especially convenient for surfaces that can’t be washed! When you need to freshen up any space in your home or automobile, your perfect solution is right here!


Windex is the glass cleaner that has been around since 1933! No wonder it gets the job well done! Accomplish the task of getting your windows sparkling clean, inside and out, with no streaks or residue left behind. It’s also great for appliances, countertops, and anywhere fingerprints, smudges and dirt make appearances! See life more clearly with Windex!


Have your sweeping and mopping done in one swoop with the same cleaning tool! The Swiffer is a combination of a wet and dry mop, getting two jobs done with the work and time of one! The attachable cloths are disposable to get rid of dirt fast and permanently. The dry cloth is for sweeping, with deep grooves that trap and lock in dirt, dust, and hair. The wet pad serves as a mop to dissolve dirt and scrub away grime. Your floors will glisten like never before with Swiffer!


With viruses and other illnesses running rampant we need Lysol like never before! Eliminate 99.9% of surface viruses in seconds. Lysol disinfectant kills over 100 illness causing germs and bacteria. When we want our families and ourselves healthy and protected, Lysol is the perfect place to start!

Scrubbing Bubbles Products

Scrubbing Bubbles is a foaming bathroom cleaner formulated to help cut through tough substances that build up in sinks and tubs. Hairspray, soap scum, and dried on toothpaste are some of the most difficult culprits. Put the bubbles to work and have your space shining with less scrubbing!

Hefty Trash Bags

Hefty trash bags will get the job done, however big or small! They’re strong enough for heavy loads without messy leaking! They’re also great for storage, home, classrooms, offices, and even yard work. Tuck them in a suitcase for keeping dirty clothes separate from your clean ones too.

Granite Gold

There’s no need to have a bundle of cleaners for your stone and granite surfaces. Granite Gold is all you need to keep your solid surfaces sparkling! It’s perfectly safe for daily cleaning while leaving all jobs streak-free and shiny clean! The neutral pH balance will never damage your granite surfaces even after years of use!

There’s no better time to clean than the present, and there is no better price than free! Click the links and collect your assortment of spring cleaning supplies to make your home clean, welcoming, and fresh again!

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