7 No Spend Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day 2022!

Blog | June 7th, 2022

Father’s Day is just around the corner which means more spending, right? Wrong! Parents don’t want their kids fretting over pricey gifts. That holds true for young children as well as those that are grown with a life of their own. So this Father’s Day put your cash, checks, and credit cards away and give dad what he truly wants…to simply be remembered! If you need a bit of help with this new way of “gift-giving“ keep reading for seven ways to celebrate dad without the need to spend!

Have a Ball

Both daughters and sons can share memories with dad through ball games of all sorts. Special moments can range from your first big league game as a spectator, the hours that turned into years of practicing in the backyard, to dad being your biggest fan in the stands. Find one of those old baseballs, the more used the better. Use craft paint to cover the inside of your hand, then grip the ball to leave a timeless treasure of days gone by. Make it ahead to give it time to dry thoroughly. This is a sentimental way to tell him he is “hands-down” the best dad ever while showing him how dearly you hold those memories!

Love That Lasts Forever

Go on a hunt for a piece of driftwood or a chunky tree limb. Kids will need assistance, adults you’re on your own as you slowly and carefully cut a groove in the chosen top side of the wood. Insert as many photos as will fit, beginning with a baby picture and ending with the most recent. On the front, use a sharpie marker to boldly print “love you forever“. This will be a timeline to show dad that your love for him continues to grow right along with you.

Tap into the Perfect Gift

Again, use a sharpie…or paint, if you’re super artistic. Create the following message on the wooden handle of a hammer: “When God chose you for my dad, he nailed it!” With every project, he will smile and think of you!

Simplicity Makes the Best Gifts

You can give your dad a store-bought card or you can give him your own loving words. It’s pretty certain he would choose the latter. Simply fold a piece of printer paper in half, retrieve what’s in your heart and write it down. This simple gift is guaranteed to be a favorite with a touch that lasts a lifetime!

Dads Day, His Choice 

It’s called Father’s Day for a reason, so let dad make it his own! From the moment he rises until the day is done, treat him like a king. Starting with “breakfast in chair”, set up the best seat in the house complete with slippers and TV remote. Watch the game with him. (without your phone in hand)  Let him choose the movie. Make and bring him whatever he needs. Bathroom breaks excluded. Make his day special, filled with everything he loves, including quality time with you!

The Gift of Chores 

Dad works hard at his regular job so give him the gift of rest and relief with his choice of chore removal. Once a week for the next month, let him choose which dreadful job he wants to escape. Wash and vacuum his car, mow the lawn, give the garage a good cleaning…and the gift list goes on…along with the love buried inside!

Dad’s Rock Every Day…Especially Father’s Day!

In fitting with this phrase and theme, find the coolest rock around. Scrub it thoroughly and let it dry. Using dad‘s favorite color, paint “you’re my rock“ on the smoothest surface. Dad will own the paperweight that will lighten his heart and likely bring out a happy tear at every glance!