7 Tips on Buying Generic to Save Money

Blog | August 11th, 2017

7 Tips on Buying Generic to Save Money

There are plenty of reasons why we tend to buy popular, brand-name items that we know and love. But despite all of the advertising and familiarity, there are huge savings to be had by grabbing select generic, store-brand items.

That’s why you should keep these tips in mind next time you go shopping!

1) Search for the Source

Did you know that many generic items are made in the same way, or even in the same building as many of the most popular brands? With a little research, you can find a cheaper, generic alternative that is actually the same thing as the brand you’re used to. Pay attention to where items are made and their ingredients to notice the similarities!

2) Find the Biggest and Best Generic Brands

Large retail chains all over the U.S. have their own high-quality generic product lines that can save you a lot of money. Plus, it’s likely that you already shop at these stores regularly. Check out store brands from Costco (Kirkland), Trader Joe’s, Target (Up & Up), Safeway (Select) and Walmart (Great Value and Equate) just to name a few!

For example, a 12-pack of Great Value paper towels from Walmart is $8.75 cheaper than Bounty’s equivalent. If you buy one package of paper towels a month, then you will save over $100 a year!

3) Consider the Basics

Some of the best ways to save with generic items are also the simplest! Think about the kind of items that you always keep in your home. There’s a good chance most of those are available for cheaper! Here are just some of the everyday items in your home that are just as useful when you buy generic:
  • Batteries
  • Shampoo
  • Toothpaste
  • Printer Ink
  • Paper Towels
  • Sugar
  • Canned Vegetables
  • Milk
  • Peanut Butter

4) Skip the Brand-Name Water

This is our simplest tip, but the savings can really add up. Generic bottled water offers the same quality as a brand-name alternative, sometimes at half the price. But, if you really want to save on bottled water, buy a filter instead and switch to tap water!

5) Save Big on Medicine

Some of the most expensive items in your medicine cabinet can also lead to the biggest savings. According to the FDA, all of the cheaper generic alternatives to common over-the-counter medication has to be “chemically identical” to their counterparts. You can even ask your doctor about prescribing you generic medication to save even more!


6) Save on Pet Food

We all want what’s best for our pet, so we can end up spending a lot of money on their food without realizing the cost! But with the increasing quality of generic options, you don’t have to sacrifice your pet’s health and happiness by going generic.

7) Be Open to Change

Shopping habits are hard to break, especially when it involves turning away from our favorite items. You can save big on soda, cereal, ice cream, coffee and even alcohol if you make the switch to generic. All it takes is giving the cheaper alternatives a chance!