8 Reasons Why We Love Giveaways!

Blog | April 11th, 2022

With prices continuously rising on just about everything, many of your wants may be out of reach. When that is the case, why not enter sweepstakes for a shot at winning your dream vacation, a new car, and all things in between? Don’t be one of those who say “I never win anything.“ You definitely won’t win if you don’t enter, so what have you got to lose by trying? And you could very well be surprised with an email or phone call that begins with “congratulations! You are our grand prize winner!” Why should you love a giveaway? Here are eight answers to that question!

It’s Free!

Entering a legit giveaway doesn’t cost you anything except the few seconds it takes to fill out a form. Plus, the rewards could surpass your wildest expectations!

You Save Big if You Win!

So it takes a minute to fill out an entry form. But if you win, think of the money you save, or earn, depending on how you look at it. The more you enter the better your chances to be the lucky one!

Open Up New Possibilities!

Often scanning for giveaways will introduce you to items and prizes that you didn’t know existed! Then once you see it you know you need it! New ways to exercise or exciting vacation spots are examples of hundreds of giveaways waiting to be won!

Why Pay for a Dream Vacation When it Could Be Free?

When it comes to giveaways, there is an abundance of trips consisting of everything from exotic, tropical locations to far away places like Scotland or Japan! If traveling is your thing, winning a free trip or cruise is the way to go!

Cars, Trucks and Other Wheels

Next to a home, transportation is one of our largest investments. When combing through sweepstakes, you’re bound to bump into several that include a new car, truck, or even an RV. Just think of the money you’d save if car payments were deleted from your budget!

Jackpot Cash Prizes Leave the Choice up to You!

Some prizes are specific which is great, but some are for large sums of cash! With that cash, you can do anything you want. Buy that new car, put a huge down payment on a new home, stay put and do a home makeover or take a trip to anywhere you want to go! Possibilities are endless and the money you won’t have to spend can change your finances!

Unlimited Winnings!

Maybe you’ve decided to enter for a new car. But as you scan through sweepstake offers you run across exercise bikes and treadmills that will keep your health in check. There’s that new computer you need, but have put off buying. And don’t forget the multiple musical instruments that you’ve been meaning to make your new hobby. And tools, who doesn’t need a new set of tools that would be a fortune to purchase? The list goes on and so do the sweepstakes, so get busy and get those entries in!

Speaking of entries, here’s a great place to start! Click on these links and take a shot at snagging a deal with a Target gift card or a chance to win a home makeover! Everyone loves Target, the store that has most of your basic, home and family needs. And a $150,000 home makeover could create your dream home while adding equity to your pocket if you decide to sell. Someone will win and it could be YOU as easily as anyone else! Start clicking and winning today!

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