8 Ways To Save Money & The Planet!

Blog | April 22nd, 2022

Earth Day is April 22 and it’s something to celebrate! Over a billion people in more than 193 countries participate, so that’s quite a party! This year the official theme is “Invest In Our Planet” which is a perfect fit and an absolute must to keep our world, our families, and ourselves healthy and happy. How will you celebrate this day in 2022? Here are some ideas that will save money and help the environment which is a win for everyone on the planet.

Solar Power

Solar energy comes from the sun and is clean, pure, and free! Although there is an upfront cost, solar panels are environmentally friendly and more affordable than ever. Quality solar panels can last up to 40 years whereas traditional furnaces and AC units are likely to need a costly replacement every 10-15 years. Plus, now there is a 26% federal tax credit that makes a solar investment an incredible offer for homeowners through the end of 2022!

Walk, Ride Bikes, and Drive Electric

Obviously, fuel is an expensive item these days. And too much of it burning on our roads lowers air quality. Save cash and freshen the air you breathe by walking more, riding a bike, or going with an electric vehicle. If these options won’t work for you, carpooling will set you toward those same goals!

Buy a Water Filter

Not only do bottled water costs add up, the bottles themselves do too! Invest in a quality home water filter with a reusable cup and you’ll save a bundle over time while having an insulated, cold drink filled with the cleanest water options. In addition, think how much cleaner our streets, public trash cans, parks, and landfills will be!

Recycle Of Course 

When the earth is filling up with trash, the obvious answer is to recycle. Paper, junk mail, aluminum cans, cardboard, plastic, glass, newspapers, magazines, and all things reusable should be given a second life, if not many more.

Unplug and Turn it Off

You can save money and resources when you turn off what you aren’t using. Lights when you leave the room, water when you brush your teeth or hand wash dishes, and stopping the clothes dryer when the clothes are dry as opposed to letting it run for countless hours are just a few examples of ways to save the earth’s energy while lowering your utility bills.

Reuse Your Packing

Amazon and other online sources make it easy to shop from home which opens two opportunities to save. You’ll help the environment and your spending by buying and burning less fuel. When packages arrive, reuse or recycle the boxes and the packing material for storing or shipping your own packages. Why buy more bubble wrap when you can have a bundle for free? These items are also the perfect save if you are planning a move or know someone who is.

Go Organic

Eat and feed your family organic fruit, veggies, meat, and grains to begin a chain recreation towards making yourself and the earth healthier!  Going organic may cost a little more upfront but will save on future medications, doctor visits and possible hospital stays from consuming toxic choices. With anything less, pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones leach into our soil, water supplies, and worst of all, we ingest them into our bodies! The more demand for organic, the more the supply will be met, making the world a healthier place!

Reusable Utensils

Convenience is one thing but too much trash is another. When you must buy cutlery and cups be sure you switch to the compostable type. Whenever you can, opt for reusable Yeti-type cups and real dishes that can be used over and over again instead of a one-time use that is then thrown away.