9 Affordable Back-To-School Products That Are Made to Last

Blog | August 9th, 2019

Wow, how time flies! Summer is almost over and back to school is almost here. Time is not the only thing that gets away from us this time of year. Money can too!

All the back-to-school supplies, clothes and classroom help items can add up to a pretty penny. However, there is help if you spend wisely. Everyone loves a half off sale and the more saved, the better. How about making the equivalent of your own sale by spending a little extra cash now and stretching your dollars to last two or maybe three years more?

Investing now on quality items will do just that. Listed below are some ideas to get you started in that direction.

Jansport Backpack

With the number of heavy books and other items kids are carrying around in school these days, it’s no wonder so many book bags have become a one strap version with a knot instead of two supportive shoulder straps. Instead of barely getting through another school year, up your game and quality with a book bag that will last several years. Not only will you save money and time, but you’ll also probably save some future chiropractic fees!

Dynasco Lunchbox

Plastic lunchboxes with superheroes on them are extremely cute but they don’t last. All it takes is one good drop and game over! It may even take several purchases to get through one school year. The Dynasco lunchbox keeps your food and drinks hot or cold for 6.5 hours. It is durable and made to last with tough materials and extra reinforcements. It is water repellent, dirt-resistant, easy to clean and made to last!

Thermos Container

Nothing will bring sadness to a child faster than looking forward to one of their favorite times of day, only to find everything floating in a soggy mess due to a leaky thermos. Having a trusted thermos that won’t leak and keeps drinks cold for 12 hours is a must-have for school days. Saving a meal is saving money!

Fiskars Scissors

Art is another part of a school day that most children enjoy and scissors are a necessity. Don’t let them struggle through it with dull dollar store scissors. Or be intensely into a project and have a cheap pair of scissors break. The Fiskars 5 inch scissors are strong and sturdy. They are sharp yet have blunt ends for safety. Fiskars scissors are also available with pointed ends for older kids and adults. Buy scissors that flow flawlessly with their artistic talents!

Uni-Ball Pencils

A school staple that isn’t going anywhere is pencils. Sharpening can be an annoyance and a class disruption. Many mechanical pencils break upon contact. However, the Uni-Ball KuruToga pencil is not your average mechanical pencil.  It features stronger lead for less breakage and is proven to be a more sturdy, lasting pencil. No pencil lasts forever but this one will stay on point longer than most!

Stylio Binder

A binder gets a lot of use which makes for more wear and tear. The Stylio binder is made with quality craftsmanship that’s made to last. It holds everything from paper to keys to calculators. It is water-resistant to protect your supplies from rain and other harsh elements. Keep it together this school year and many more to come with this sturdy multitasker!

Westcott Ruler

How many plastic rulers has your student gone through as a result of breakage and numbers wearing off? Sure, they aren’t expensive…but inconvenience, frustrations and trips to get a new one will add up. The Westcott stainless steel ruler won’t break or slide. There will be no chips and cracks to make your straight lines bumpy. It features warp-free stainless steel and a non-slip cork base. You’ll also get a few extra inches with its 15” length. Yes, it’s a little pricier than the plastic version but it may be with you until graduation!

Washable Book Covers

Brown bag covers may be cheap but they are also frustrating and time-consuming to put together. Sticky tape leaves residue on your books. Buying ready-made paper covers that don’t fit and eventually tear are a waste of money. These reusable covers come with an attached bookmark to keep your place and will stretch to fit a variety of different sized books. The six bold colors will locate a specific subject at a glance. They can be washed to be good as new for next year. By providing maximum protection, they will also save money by keeping books in great condition if you intend to resell them.

Reusable Poncho

This might not be on your basic supply list, but have you ever been at a school football game or waiting at the bus stop, when suddenly a dark cloud appears and the bottom falls out? Keep this reusable, sturdy Totes poncho handy to keep you and your belongings dry. Unlike the dollar versions that rip the first time you attempt to put them on, this one will keep you cozy over and over again when those unexpected soggy surprises hit.