9 Awesome Tools to Help You Meal Plan!

9 Tools to make meal planning easy!

Planning your meals saves money, but much harder to actually do than it is to talk about. Here are nine websites and smartphone apps that exist to help you organize your meals, saving you money at the grocery store!


Foodily takes recipes from all over the web. Simply search what you want to cook, fill in any exclusions and they’ll find you a great recipe! It’s social too! Users will rate the recipes!


KeepRecipes lets you search all recipes and save them. It’s like your personal, online recipe book! There’s even an iPhone app you can use.


GoJee is the StumbleUpon of recipes. Just scroll through random recipes until you find something you want to try!


ZipList lets you create and manage your own grocery lists. You can also save and share recipes with anybody!


Epicurious is a site where you create a profile and store and share in a social world. The app is great for your iPad or smartphone, too!


This iPhone app includes video instructions and the ability to filter by your favorite chef!

Jamie Oliver

Well-known chef Jamie Oliver offers an app that helps you plan, prepare and cook meals from your mobile device. The app offers amazing photos, so prepare for a mouth-watering experience.


AllRecipes has an amazing database of recipes, videos menus and more. Their new app lets you keep track of what food you have at home so you can buy only what you need at the store.  


FriendsEat is designed for social interaction. Communicate with bloggers and like-minded food junkies to find meals that you will love!


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