9 Unique Halloween Decorations to Buy This Year

Blog | October 16th, 2018

9 Unique Halloween Decorations to Buy This Year

Halloween is creeping around the corner so it’s time to get your decorations before they disappear! Whether you’re an online shopper, vintage collector or the crafty type, these nine solid decorations will pay for themselves by lasting through many years of Halloween fun.


Ghost Window Crasher

Create the illusion of a 20” ghost flying through your window. This adorable intruder uses three AAA batteries to make his backside wiggle as if he’s trying to work his way through. This ghost window crasher comes with a cracked glass static window cling. No one will mind this cute little guy crashing their party.


Skeleton Groundbreaking Hands

These aren’t your usual dirt raising skeleton hands. These skeletons went peacefully and are sending signs of peace and love. They are made of sturdy resin with flat bottoms for easy placement.



If you find that many of your favorite Halloween decorations have sold out, don’t panic, just create your own. Birdcages are available in a variety of stores. You can find them online and in department stores. Rough it up with sandpaper and spray paint it black or any color that will lift your spirits. Fill it with your choice of black crows, pumpkins, skeleton animals or faux fall leaves. Add battery tea lights for a sparkling glow.


Ceramic Carved Pumpkin for Fireplace or Firepit

Create the ultimate cozy Halloween atmosphere with the glow of jack-o-lanterns in your fireplace or fire pit. These ceramic carved pumpkins are reusable, therefore making them cost-effective. Heat is stored and slowly released to warm you up and help with energy costs when used in an indoor fireplace. They are eco-friendly with no harmful toxins. Flames show through the carved face giving that classic Halloween look.


Pumpkin Topiary

Unless you’re buying in bulk, pumpkin pails are store pick up only. Fortunately, before Halloween, they can be found almost everywhere! Fill with fall flowers for daytime color and use a battery tea lite to glow at night. Make this pumpkin topiary for Halloween then turn it around to hide the faces and you have instant Thanksgiving decor! Two holidays for one, now that’s a deal! Click here to learn how to make it.


Vintage Blow Mold

Bring back vintage Halloween and magical childhood memories with authentic blow mold figures. These can’t be purchased in stores but eBay and Etsy have a huge variety of pumpkins, ghosts and all sorts of lighted spookiness. Type in “Halloween vintage blow mold” and see what creeps up!


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Black Cat Pumpkin Holder with Light Up Eyes

Are you running behind with Halloween decorating? Decorate a pumpkin in just minutes with this three-piece iron black cat. The base is 9 1/2” in diameter. Her eyes light up so there’s no need for a candle to make it glow in the darkness. The battery is even included!


Cinnamon brooms = Witches Brooms

Since they are often the first scent of Fall in grocery stores, cinnamon brooms aren’t all that unique in themselves. But spray paint them black and you will have the coolest witch’s broom on the block. Use them as a decoration or a realistic prop for your little trick or treating witch.


Halloween Scented Candles

No matter what your decor preferences are, Halloween scented candles will add the finishing touch. The scent sets the mood and the glow is spellbinding. The cute labels are a decorative bonus. And don’t be frightened, Goose Creek candles are made with non-toxic ingredients so you can breathe easy.