9 Useful Smartphone Apps That Can Help You Save

Blog | November 1st, 2018

9 Useful Smartphone Apps That Can Help You Save

Smartphones are an integral part of our daily lives. Between phone calls, text messages and emails, we use it every day to speak to loved ones, colleagues and friends. There are also numerous forms of distractions as well, such as games, videos and social media apps.

Smartphones bring a lot of positive and negative experiences into our lives, but one positive most people ignore is their potential to help you save money. With the right apps, you can be saving hundreds of dollars a year on essential goods and services. There are also numerous ways to learn how to save on a daily basis. We put together a list of our favorite apps that you can download for free today!



While this app doesn’t give you anything for free, it does help you avoid giving your money away unnecessarily. This comprehensive budgeting app tracks your purchases and lets you know where you’re overspending. Maybe you’ve been eating out too much, or perhaps that trip you took last month went a little overboard. Either way, Mint will let you know so you can continue to make smarter saving decisions.



Rebates are a proven way to get items for free if you’re willing to wait. That’s where Ibotta comes in handy for patient shoppers. Items will become available for a rebate on their app. When they do, just purchase them, and take a photo of the receipt for them. The rebate will be sent back to you, making the product free. They’ve got plenty of household essentials up for grabs, so the savings will pile up.

Clipping coupons may appear to be a desperate money-saving endeavor, but what if there was a better way? Turns out, there is. This app helps you load coupons digitally, so the only thing you need to bring into the store is your phone, which you’re bringing anyways. With how easy it is to use, coupons are no longer a thing of the past. Be sure to check this app on the first of the month, since that’s when most of the best stuff becomes available!



Stores and brands are always looking to learn about your shopping habits. Shopkick gives you the opportunity to earn free gift cards for making their job a little easier. Scan receipts and products with your phone, and they’ll give you points that can be redeemed for gift cards to be spent at various retailers. It doesn’t add much time to your shopping trip and the rewards are well worth it.



Millions of Americans fail to take advantage of the one tool that the rich and famous regularly use to grow their wealth and savings: investing. Acorns improves the likelihood of the average person being able to invest without the headache of learning how it all works. It rounds up all of your purchases to the nearest dollar and invests those pennies towards investing goals that make sense. You’ll barely notice how much money you’re investing and earning.


Long Game

Sometimes, saving can be boring. That’s where Long Game comes in handy! This app helps you get on the right financial path by encouraging you with rewards. You can personalize your goals, and earn opportunities to win prizes every time to save. You’ll be excited to deposit your savings!



When your budget is tight, you may think there’s no room to add funds to a savings account. Despite this belief among many Americans, a savings account is necessary to give you much-needed relief in the event of emergencies and unexpected costs. One bank trying to make saving easier is Digit. This modern banking service offers you everything you’d expect from a brick-and-mortar bank, but you’ll also get added options when it comes to saving. They offer a bunch of different, easy to use settings that allow you to save every time you spend. Your savings account will look healthy in no time.


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Clarity Money

There are plenty of apps out there that keep an eye on your spending, but Clarity Money really goes the extra mile in some respects. First of all, they track monthly subscriptions and can actually cancel them for you. This makes it much easier to avoid unnecessary spending on services you no longer use. The simplicity of this app and its ability to help you save makes it great for people that aren’t tech savvy.



This one is for all the binge-watchers out there. Viggle tracks your live TV and streaming habits to better understand what people enjoy watching. The more you watch, the more rewards you earn. These points can be redeemed for cash, gift cards and other prizes!


Plenty of national retailers are launching their own shopping apps, but Target has one of the best out there. The Target Cartwheel is a fantastic way to load and use various coupons and offers while you’re in the store. You can even plot out your shopping trip in the app by adding offers, putting a list together, and viewing where those items are in the store. Since Target already has most of what you need, this app is definitely worth a download!