A Checklist on Getting the Right Bed Sheets!

Bed Sheets are one of the most important things in the households. Think about how much time you spend in them! Bed Sheets are very necessary and have the potential to be really expensive.

Since there still aren’t any industrial standards and legal regulation to measure the sheet quality, it is important to pay attention to bed sheet details that will make a bed sheet purchase worth it!

1. Check the Fabric type and quality.

Fabric Type:

Most of the bed sheets in the US are made out of cotton. Be sure to check the bed sheet’s packaging and look for a cotton percentage. There are other bed sheets, though, that only say “cotton rich”. Be careful, as these may have been made from less comfortable material.

Always consider that polyester and cotton blend well but tend to feel uncomfortable in areas with high humidity. On the other hand, rayon sheets will feel cooler to the touch rather than regular cotton.

Fabric Quality:

The best way to measure bed sheet quality is to check the thread count. This refers to the number of threads in the bed sheet, per square inch of fabric. If you’ve seen a bed sheet with a thread count of 300-400, that is already a good quality. A bed sheet with a thread count of 800-1000 will feel just the same – the differences are hardly noticeable. Don’t spend extra money on a high thread count if you can’t tell the difference by touch!

2. Check the Right Color.

There are several things to be kept in mind when choosing the perfect color for your sheets. Consider having a sheet that goes with the color of the room or even just the comforter. Keep in mind that lighter shades will show future stains, while darker ones will show fading by washing. If you choose a printed bed sheet, be sure you can buy the same pattern if ever the bed sheet needs to be replaced. Remember that the color and design you choose will take up a big part of your room, and hopefully for a long time! Be sure it’s something you won’t get sick of.

3. Check the right Size.

This could probably be the greatest reminder for you. Be sure to check the sides of the bed sheet. Before making a purchase and keep in mind what size you need: single, double, full, king and queen.

What also comes along with the size is the measurement for depth, or thickness. Do this correctly, by measuring from the highest to the lowest point in the mattress.