A Fun and Frugal Weekend!

After long days at work and a week full of pressure and stress, a weekend is much deserved. It is during the weekends where you get the chance to bond with family and friends and to spend more time with them. You have to always remember, thought, that a fun weekend with the family and friends shouldn’t always be accompanied by a hefty price tag that will put holes on your pocket; -it really doesn’t have to. Yes, weekends for most women are the perfect time to let loose; but it doesn’t mean that you have to loosen up your budget.

In fact, you can easily keep up with the things you need and most of the things that you want and still maintain all the expenditures on the right path. You can always practice smart spending and have a weekend full of fun and excitement as you enjoy your free time and savings!

All you have to do is to tag along with you these savvy tips and be creative!

1. Be a saving socialite

 How? Host your own party and invite friends. It won’t cost much to invite them over for a potluck party or a barbeque in your own yard or house. You can also spice up the excitement if you invite your friends over for a game night with some popcorn and fun food and drinks! Just have everyone bring something!

2. Save big when you plan to eat out with your family

How? Do your own research. Look for restaurants that will satisfy both your taste buds and your wallet. You can always find eateries that offer special discounts on family dinners. You can also check for any advantage offers or meal vouchers that are available. Make sure to check times! If you choose to have an early dinner, you can usually save money.

3. Learn a lot without attending any workshops

How? Weekends are the best time to explore and to learn something new. Instead of spending a bunch of money for your enrollment in cooking lessons or crafts, you can let out the artist in you and discover things for yourself. Find a free online lesson or buy a book that teaches your new hobby. Teach yourself how to sew, quilt and embroider. Learn how to play guitar with YouTube lesson! You can also teach yourself how to make a new recipe. Weekends are the perfect time to learn a new activity. Who knows? You might end up finding a new favorite hobby.

4. Save some bucks while you go outdoors!

How? Instead of going to the movies or shopping, you can always opt for an outdoor activity that will help you save some bucks! Invite your friends for a stroll in the park and enjoy a good chitchat. You can bring along the family for a picnic as well. Also consider grabbing your bike for a long trip in the park!

5. Say goodbye to a hefty price tag while you shop!

How? Go for cash only and leave your credit card at home. It is so much easier to go overboard when you have your credit card with you. You can say goodbye to this bad habit by bringing out cash only on a weekend shopping trip! Give yourself a budget and go have fun at the mall or your favorite store!

Have you already tried some of these savvy tips? How do you spend your weekends while keeping up with your budget? Share your thoughts with us by writing your comments!