April Showers: How to Entertain Kids on Rainy Days

Blog | February 3rd, 2023

Rain has the ability to ruin some of the most exciting plans, especially for your little ones. There’s a little chant from childhood that you might recall “Rain, rain go away, come again another day!”

But when another day comes along and it’s still raining you need to find creative ways to entertain the whole family. Here’s to April showers bringing more than flowers and disappointment.

Dance in The Rain

When storms are abundant with no lightning or other dangerous side effects, go outside and play! Sometimes it feels like when the rain starts, you have to stay inside, but that isn’t the case. Dress the kids in clothes you don’t care about and go find some puddles to splash in! Since the weather is getting warmer, playing outside in the rain will create ever lasting memories with your little ones.

Street Races

If you have a street with a curb and popsicle sticks, head off to the races! Under adult supervision and on low-trafficked streets, race your popsicle sticks. Find a section of street that is flowing with rainwater. Choose a start and a finish line and then let your popsicle sticks go. This activity is extremely simple but child tested and approved!

Sidewalk Chalk Water Colors

Plain chalk on dry sidewalks can become a bit boring. We’ve all done that before! But when spatters of raindrops hit, it turns simple drawings into a rainbow of colors and patterns! You won’t know what you’ll get until it literally hits you…and your artwork!

Make Bird Baths

Birds are always looking for a place to splash, play and bathe. If you don’t have an official birdbath in your yard, make some with old bowls or plates with edges. Be sure to keep it in the shade because birds are there to cool off. Add some rocks to the bottom to give them something to stand on with water no more than two inches deep. Also, be sure the water is clean. Then sit back and wait! What a show you’ll get when your feathered friends discover their own little playground in the rain!

Make Mud Pies

Desserts are nice but keepsakes are better even if they are made out of mud. With spring showers occurring often, the ground is soft so scoop up a bowl full of mud and get busy. Additional water can be added if needed but you’ll want your building material to be close to the consistency of clay. Let your imagination run wild as you mold your creations. Allow them to dry naturally indoors or bake when the sun comes out. Play a while then return them to the earth or keep them as a memory of your new rainy day hobby.

Dodge Ball with a Twist

There’s nothing quite like a boredom buster filled with giggles that come from playing with a wet, rubber ball in the rain! There is so much you can do with a ball and an imagination. Slipping and sliding in the grass with raindrops in your face will become a new memory from an old simple childhood ballgame.

Drip and Dry Times Two

Similar to chalk art, use a rainy day to share your talents with paint on paper, paper plates or anything that will hold your design. When it dries, use rainy day number two for the final touches. Take your artwork outdoors and clip it vertically or secure it flat on the ground. Allow raindrops to add the finishing touches one splash, drop or dribble at a time. Let it dry again, then frame it to capture and remember that rainy days don’t have to get you down…just keep singing in the rain and you’ll soon be happy again!

Chill Out and Cozy Up

As cool as rainy days are, you don’t want to get waterlogged and catch cold. Eventually, it’s time to come in and dry out. Use the cloudy, cozy, cuddle up kind of days to put on your favorite jammies, pop some popcorn and turn the dark shower filled month of April into a movie marathon, cookie baking, chip and dip opportunity to soak in true enjoyment!

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