Are Gas Prices Too High? Check Out These Alternative Modes of Transportation!

Blog | September 16th, 2021

No matter what era of good old days we speak of, gas prices from days gone by frequently enter the conversation. Old photos resurface with jaw-dropping prices of far less than a dollar per gallon while being accompanied by a friendly smile and a window washing, equaling quite a deal! Today, the tables have turned just as the numbers on gas pumps keep spinning until they reach a nail-biting total. But what can you do? Actually, there are a lot of ways to save at the pump. Here’s how!

As of September 7, 2021, the national gas price average had stabilized at $3.18 per gallon. That is almost one dollar higher than the same time last year when it averaged $2.21. In some states, such as California,  prices are hovering around four dollars a gallon. If other states follow, that would mean smaller vehicles such as the Honda Civic, having a tank size of approximately 12 gallons, would cost $48 for a fill-up. Large trucks have up to 50–60 gallon capacities bringing their maximum fill to a whopping $240. That being said, overall tank sizes ranging from approximately 10 to 60 gallons, along with some simple math, will once again highly influence our vehicle choices.

What can we do to make the rising numbers at the pump less painful mentally and on the wallet? Start with slowing down. The harder the pedal hits the metal, the more gas you’re expending. Avoiding stop-and-go traffic when possible is another avenue of savings as that can lower your gas mileage up to 40%! Sailing along smoothly will add up in savings, creating a peaceful ride and a less stressed you!

When carrying extra cargo, consider a rear mount instead of a roof option. Cargo on your roof increases wind resistance which lowers fuel mileage. If you are parked and waiting in your car, turn off the engine! The amount of gas used to crank up is minuscule compared to the quarter to half a gallon of fuel used per hour when idling.

Cars are not our only option when it comes to travel. Take a break from traffic and gas prices by using public transit options such as buses and trains or team up with friends in a carpool.

When you’re going short distances, give your vehicle a rest and hop on an electric scooter. Prices for scooters range from approximately $300 to $1,200 and up. The price will vary depending on the features desired including speed and mileage per charge. Other options include seating, USB charging ports, LED lights, luggage racks, and more! Depending on features, battery sizes, and distance involved, the average cost per day to run an electric scooter is between 20 and 25 cents. Not bad compared to gas prices!

Ebikes are becoming another popular way to travel which contributes to the safety and convenience of bike lanes popping up in numerous locations. Scooters are great for shorter distances or to get you to your next ride. They are portable, lightweight, and fold easily to fit into a trunk or on the bus. When your destination is a bit further, the E-bike is the best choice with higher speeds and much longer charging capabilities. With an E-bike, you’ll have a comfortable ride, wide sturdy tires that are great for smooth roads or bumpy terrain while still saving fuel and making the air cleaner. E-bike maintenance is a bit more than a scooter but basically comes down to changing the battery every year or two.

When you don’t want the E power, give the traditional bike a whirl! This simple form of transportation has come a long way in durability and comfort while giving you transportation and a workout all in one! With this option, you’ll save money on fuel and gym memberships!

Last but not least, invest in a supportive pair of shoes and walk! Walking can improve your overall health including weight loss, strengthening the heart, muscles, and bones. Walking can prevent or control type two diabetes, strokes, high blood pressure, stress plus helps provide a healthy night of sleep. This method of transportation is totally free with no equipment needed!

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