10 HILARIOUS Pinterest Fails

Blog | June 27th, 2014

10 HILARIOUS Pinterest Fails

If you’ve hopped on the Pinterest train, chances are you
have come across some pretty awesome projects that you hope to eventually recreate. Some of us have done just so…with ease, confidence and finesse. On the
other hand, some of us have not been so successful. Here are ten of those who
have ambitiously tried, but ultimately, could not reproduce. 

I’d like to give an A+ for effort


1. Christmas cards that really captured the moment.

2. String art balloons that…well…no.

3. Hedgehog cake…because everyone wants one of these…

4. The cookie monster is looking a bit deflated. Poor guy.

5. Crayon art…a real thing of beauty…

6. The only time I would say no to a corn dog. 

7. The only color not in the rainbow.

8. Hey, still pretty cute!

9. It’s the thought that counts…right?

10. Nothing like getting in the holiday spirit!