10 Movies We’re DYING To See In 2015!

Blog | January 8th, 2015

10 Movies We’re DYING To See In 2015!

1. The Woman In Gold (June 2015)

In this American-British drama film, Maria
Altmann, a Jewish refugee, takes on the government to recover
art piece that was taken from her family by the Nazis. Based on a true story, this movie will take you on a journey through World War II history, all through the remarkable story of a plucky old woman who is reclaiming her heritage in the name of justice. 


2. Pan (Summer 2015)

Hugh Jackman helps brings to life our favorite classical bedtime story in the magnificent story of Peter Pan. The story of an orphan boy who is spirited away to Neverland has never seemed better with the handsome Garrett Hedlund as Captain Hook, the talented Roony Mara as Tiger Lily, and the powerhouse Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard. Discover both fun and danger in this magical tale we once loved as kids. 

3. Pitch Perfect (May 15th)

You better Aca-Believe it! Your favorite college singing group is back for round two! Pitch Perfect 2 is filled with even more sick beats, high tunes, and a cappella rips- but this time, they’re going global! Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are back just to prove America has the ultimate talent! 

4. Jurassic World (June 12th)

Twenty two years after the first events of Jurassic Park, Jurassic World is the latest full-functioning theme park with countless amounts of visitor attraction, from live shows to adrenaline-rushing rides! But the genetically modified hybrid that was intended to re-spark visitor’s interest in the park, backfires, and Jurassic World turns into, yet another, blood bash straight from your nightmare! 

5. Fifty Shades of Grey (February 13th)

There’s no longer a need to shield yourself from judgmental gawks. Our favorite steamy book is now coming to very dark theaters near you! With Jamie Dornan playing the much desired Christian Grey, you know this movie will fulfill every deep fantasy you’ve ever had! Timid student discovers the singular tastes of the rich and handsome Christian Grey and, come Valentine’s Day 2015, we’ll all be wishing we were her.  

6. Cinderella (March 13th) 

Disney is turning our favorite fairytale into a real life story and it’s never looked more beautiful! Get ready to go on an enchanting journey of loss, struggle, love and triumph in Cinderella, come to life! My inner 5-year-old is shrieking with joy right now! 

7. Mad Max: Fury Road (Summer 2015)

You’ve never seen Tom Hardy look any dreamier than in this upcoming film! In this eery-thrilling apocalyptic story, humanity is broken, everyone has gone mad, and sexy, strong human beings are on a mission to save the world! Doesn’t get much entertaining than that! 

8. In The Heart of the Sea (Summer 2015)

Based on the 1820 event that motivated the mythical story of Moby Dick, a fragile ship is preyed upon by a giant sperm whale, stranding its crew at sea for 3 months!  Thousands of miles from home, the crew do everything in their power to survive, undergoing the unthinkable! Another classic to look forward to! 

9. Inside Out (June 19th) 

From Disney and Pixar and the genius creators behind Toy Story, Up, and Finding Nemo, comes a tale told from the perspective of the thoughts and emotions from inside the mind of a sassy, teenage girl! With the voices of Mindy Kaling, Amy Poehler and Diane Lane, this is a comedy the whole family will surely enjoy! 

10. True Story (January 23rd)

You’ve never seen James Franco or Jonah Hill in this type of light before! In this true story, a writer is fired from The New York Times only to find himself with the best story of all. He has no idea that he’s all part of a bigger plan, a plan that could make or break, not only his career, but his life. This is one drama that was made for an Oscar!