103 Free Joys You May Be Missing

Blog | August 21st, 2013

103 Free Joys You May Be Missing

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It’s easy to feel negative when there’s more month than
money…or you have to say no to something you really want.

But being negative just invites more negativity into your
life. This is the only explanation for the way your day typically spirals
downward after a mishap first thing in the morning.

So how can you live your life being positive when it is
often full of problems?  Feeling gratitude
instantly shifts your mindset from being negative to positive.

So why not focus on gratitude to feel happy and abundant?

Here are 103 free things to be grateful for today, so
embrace the joy and fuel your positive attitude…

  1. The sunrise
  2. The sunset
  3. The feel of green grass under your feet
  4. Changing seasons
  5. Blue skies
  6. The gentle hum of rain
  7. The patter of little feet
  8. A baby’s gurgling laugh
  9. An afternoon nap
  10. The very first feel of crisp fall air
  11. Country roads
  12. Blue skies
  13. Hearing your favorite song on the radio
  14. Waking rested
  15. Crickets chirping
  16. Twigs with tiny pink buds in early spring
  17. The sound of holiday cheer
  18. Singing in the shower
  19. A cold shower on a hot day
  20. The smell of puppy’s breath
  21. Early spring jonquils
  22. The small of coffee
  23. A brisk walk
  24. Riding your bike
  25. Wild flowers
  26. Birds chirping
  27. Hugs
  28. Dancing in the shower
  29. A smile
  30. A compliment from a stranger
  31. The smell of grass after a rain
  32. Smells that trigger joyful childhood memories
  33. The sight of an ecstatic child running through a water
  34. Relaxation from a foot rub
  35. The smell of soup on a frosty day
  36. Warmth from a fire in the depth of winter
  37. The smell of roses
  38. Walks through the woods
  39. A bird playing in a birdbath
  40. Drawing what you see
  41. Tapping into long neglected talents
  42. The calming sounds of silence
  43. Dancing to an old high school song
  44. Afternoon sun streaming in through the windows
  45. Early morning frost
  46. Sightings of wild animals
  47. Sounds from a trickling creek
  48. Rainbows
  49. Double rainbows
  50. Forgiving someone
  51. A hummingbird sighting
  52. Tickles
  53. The ocean’s roar
  54. The feel of a gentle breeze in the heat of summer
  55. Colorful fall leaves
  56. Finding sea shells on the beach
  57. The joy of giving something away
  58. The drilling of a woodpecker
  59. Laughing so hard you cry
  60. The feeling you get after organizing your closet
  61. The smell of a lake
  62. The fun of coloring with a child
  63. A dog’s joy upon your return
  64. The sound of a cat’s blissful purr
  65. A refreshing dive into cool water
  66. Holding the hand of a child
  67. The contentment from helping someone
  68. Insights from a book
  69. Bubble baths
  70. Anticipation of a joyous event
  71. The miracle of your body remembering to breath
  72. The way your mouth waters when you think of lemons
  73. Quiet meditation
  74. Yoga poses
  75. The jolt of energy from running up a flight of stairs
  76. The marvel of your beating heart
  77. Shooting stars
  78. Fireflies
  79. A quenching glass of fresh water when parched
  80. Really great stretches
  81. The peaceful sound of dove cooing
  82. Giving a sincere compliment
  83. First morning light
  84. Full moons
  85. Sunlight beaming through the clouds
  86. Flickering light from candles
  87. Happy emotions triggered by a favorite song
  88. Holding the hand of a lover
  89. The love of a friend
  90. Seeing rolls of hay in peaceful pastures
  91. Hearing “Happy Birthday” sung to you
  92. A candle light dinner
  93. The clarity gained from journaling
  94. Solutions found from brainstorming
  95. Blowing out birthday candles
  96. Aligned geese in flight
  97. The quiet of the morning
  98. Fireworks on the horizon
  99. Understanding words in a new language for the first time
  100. Fields of flowers
  101. Connecting with a long lost friend
  102. Early morning dew
  103. Love

So many free pleasures come from quiet observation. How many
of these joys can you experience this week?