15 DIY Ornaments to Take Your Tree from Drab to Fab!

Blog | December 5th, 2014

Christmas is just around the corner and most people are
getting ready to start the festivities and decorate their Christmas trees.
Instead of spending the big bucks on store bought ornaments get a little crafty
this year and make your own!

These ornaments are inexpensive to make, but
look absolutely fabulous once completed. Homemade ornaments are the ones that
stick around generation after generation and give your tree some personality.
So without further adieu, here are 15 DIY ornaments to perk up your tree this

1. Sassy Snowmen

This is a great craft to get the kids involved in since it is super simple and fun! All you need to create your snowman family is a clear glass ornament, paint and a brush. View the directions here.

2. Classy Clay

Clay isn’t just for the kids anymore! These clay ornaments are so beautiful no one will believe they are handmade! You can be as detailed or simple as you want with these and they also make great tags for your gifts! View the directions here.

3. Cute Clothespin Reindeer 

You can’t help but smile when you look at these adorable little reindeer! They easily clip to tree branches or just stand alone wherever you decide they belong. This is another great craft to let the little ones participate in as it’s mostly painting. View the directions here.

4. Quirky Cork Reindeer

Chances are you probably have an empty wine bottle or two lying around from all of the Thanksgiving festivities. Make sure to save those corks because they make GREAT ornaments. Click here for all sorts of corknaments!

5. Ravishing Ribbon Christmas Tree

When you’re wrapping gifts this Christmas and have tiny scraps of ribbon left over don’t throw them out! Save those little scraps and turn them into this ADORABLE ribbon tree! View the directions here.

6. Wintry Wood Slices

These rustic wood slice ornaments are B-E-A-UTIFUL! The wood burning effect really adds something special. Not only are they easy to personalize they also make a great gift! View the directions here.

7. Cozy Chalkboard 

Chalkboard is becoming all the rage this year so
it only makes sense that it would make it’s way onto your tree! These ornaments
will never get old because you can change the picture or writing whenever you
want to! View the directions here.

8. Simple Salt Dough 

The days of salt dough footprints are over, it’s time for the grown-ups to play! No one will know you made these pretty ornaments and you can customize the shape, size and design to make ones that will match your
décor perfectly. View the directions here

9. Whimsical Woodland 

If you’re short on time it really doesn’t get more
simple or adorable than these wooden woodland creature ornaments! Most craft
stores carry the little wooden pieces you need and from there you just need a
coat of paint and you’re done! View the directions here.

10. Pretty Painted 

Tired of the traditional red and green colored
ornaments? Choose your own shade and add a pop of color to your tree! Stick
with one color or add a few, either way these will look great on your tree! View the directions here.

11. Seasonal Scrabble 

These scrabble ornaments are so fun! You can
spell out names, quotes, song titles and more! The snow effect makes them
absolutely perfect! View the directions here.

12. Adorable Arrows

Bring an element of the outdoors to your
Christmas tree with these beautiful rustic twig arrows! They’re so cute you’ll
want to leave them up all year round! View the directions here.

13. Stylish Sea Glass 

The frosted effect on these ornaments make them
look just like sea glass or even snowballs! You can trick everyone into
thinking these are expensive store bought ornaments and only you will know the
truth! View the directions here.

14. Stupendous Snow Globe

These mini snow globe ornaments are made from
plastic wine glasses that you can find at your local dollar store and they sky
is the limit with what you decide to showcase in the glass! View the directions

15. Cheerful Cinnamon 

If you have kids, chances are they have brought
a few of these home from school over the years. They make your house smell
AMAZING and they make your tree look even better!

Have fun crafting and let us know how you liked these ornaments! 

Keep on crafting!

DIY Diva