17 People Who Don’t Really Get That Whole ‘Working Out’ Thing

17 People Who Don’t Really Get That Whole ‘Working Out’ Thing

Working out can be hard. If you’re like the majority of the
population, chances are one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get more
healthy and fit. But the road to fitness can be paved with confusion and pain.

Go forth in your fitness journey but whatever you do, do NOT
make these same mistakes. Just remember to learn to walk before you run.

1. Instead of spending
money on a gym membership, why not just workout from home, right?

2. I don’t think this is
what they mean when they say workout with a friend

3. Who can even
pronounce Pilates, let alone do it?!

4. You gotta give him
credit for creativity

5. Watch where ya swing
that thing!

6. For a second there, I
thought he had it

7. I’m no expert, but
I’m pretty sure that’s not right

8. Ah, the ole oven push

9. Wrestling with the

10. Wait a minute … 

11. Alright, who left the
treadmill on?!

12. Where else are you
gonna read the paper?

13. Dance like nobody’s

14. That’s one way to do

15. At least you can say
you went to the gym?


17. Now SHE'S got the right idea! 

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