21 Healthy and Low-Cost Summer Tips

Blog | July 23rd, 2013

21 Healthy and Low-Cost Summer Tips

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Summer is a great time to be outdoors and also be extra
healthy…Besides, what good is having money if you feel bad? Here are some great
low-cost or free summer tips for fun and healthy living!

  1. Rent a kayak for $10 to get a great upper body workout and
    some relaxation
  2. Enjoy local summer produce
  3. Make gazpacho with over ripe tomatoes from the farmer’s
  4. Pick your own figs and berries
  5. Go for early morning walks
  6. Swim laps
  7. Enjoy at least one all vegetable dinner a week
  8. Make your own fruit pops
  9. Blend lemonade, ice and fresh strawberries in the blender
    for a cool, healthy treat
  10. Indulge on Alaskan sockeye salmon when it’s plentiful (and
    cheapest) in the summer 
  11. Lemon or lime zest everything for a free vitamin packed zing
  12. Make a big pitcher of fresh iced green tea
  13. Enjoy an easy summer picnic with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella
    and rotisserie chicken
  14. Attend outdoor concerts and symphonies
  15. Catch fireflies…and release
  16. Go fishing
  17. Stroll on the beach
  18. Drink green smoothies for lunch and avoid a hot afternoon
  19. Go barefoot (It’s good for your brain!)
  20. Eat lots of cool, crisp salads
  21. Enjoy area swimming holes
  22. Remember to drink plenty of free filtered water…and have
    fun. Summer only comes once a year!