25 Baby Pictures that will Turn ANYONE into an Animal Lover

Blog | June 26th, 2014

25 Baby Pictures that will Turn ANYONE into an Animal Lover

Sometimes I need a little pick-me-up to get me through the day, and somehow, baby animals seem to always do the trick! If you’re looking for something to put a smile on your face, take a scroll through these pictures that are just too cute to handle! 

Here are 25 babies that get me EVERY time!

1. The sweetest piglet ever.

2. This cuddly little lamb (with his adorable BFF)

3. This baby lion with THOSE eyes.

4. This precious baby deer. 

5. This tiny, thirsty giraffe.

6. This miniature octopus. 

7. This darling koala who you could fit in your pocket.

8. This puppy who wants to be in your arms.

9. This sweet little panda just trying to get comfy.

10. This sleepy mouse that no one could ever be afraid of.

11. This petite porcupine who is incredibly comfortable in his own skin.

12. This silly little sea lion.

13. This lovable apes…wearing diapers.

14. This cluster of otter siblings who just want to cuddle. 

15. This chameleon holding on for dear life. 

16. This precious kitten who could fall asleep anywhere. 

17. This baby penguin who has found the comfiest spot in town.

18. This polar bear who is clearly embarrassed by his parents.

19. This baby tiger with again…THOSE eyes. 

20. This gorilla who was just too tired to function. 

21. This happy little fox.

22. This teeny chipmunk who clearly had a long day.

23. This pony who has found the best sleeping buddy. 

24. This baby turtle who is as big as a coin. 

25. And of course, the sleepiest, sweetest, cutest duckling ever.