5 Hauntingly Good Halloween Recipes!

Blog | October 8th, 2015

5 Hauntingly Good Halloween Recipes!

One of the best things about Halloween is all the fun recipes and unique dishes you can make.

We have compiled a list of sweet, spooky, and healthy recipes that you can try this Halloween!

Here are five hauntingly good Halloween recipes that you NEED to try! Check it out!

1. Halloween Chocolate Bark

This fun and festive recipe combines your love of chocolate with some of your favorite halloween candies. It is also a super simple recipe to make. All you need is melted chocolate and a few delicious candies.

Check out this recipe video here.

2. Slimy, Green Gummy Worms

This recipe looks slimy, gooey, and gross. However, it is absolutely delicious! Kids and adults alike will love this recipe!

Want to get instructions for how to make this recipe? Click here to get all the ingredients and step-by-step instructions!

3. Jack O’Lantern Fruit Salad

This recipe is the one recipe on this list that is for all of our health-conscious followers. We love this recipe because it is so creative! Have you ever thought of carving an orange like you do a pumpkin?

Do you want to get step-by-step instructions for how to make this recipe? Click here to learn how to make the Jack O’Lantern Fruit Salad!

4. Bleeding Brain Cupcakes

Now these cupcakes look gross! However, they are perfect for Halloween!

Don’t let the brain and blood scare you because these cupcakes are super delicious! These cupcakes have delicious buttercream frosting with a syringe filled with strawberry jello right through the center of the brain! 

Check out this recipe video here

5. Meringue Ghosts

This recipe is super cute and very sweet! To make these fun ghouls, all you will need is five ingredients! That is it! The ingredients you will need are egg whites, caster sugar, vanilla extract, salt, and icing.

To get step-by-step instructions for this recipe, click here