5 Survival Tips for Traveling with Kids

Blog | July 14th, 2014

5 Survival Tips for Traveling with Kids

Summer usually means its time for family vacay. And while
you’ve probably been looking forward to a vacation for a while, travelling with
kids can often times leaving you needing a vacation away from your vacation!
Here are five tips to help you get through your summer getaway as stress-free
as possible.

1. Pack light. Seriously, pack light. Who wants to worry
about 8 suitcases when you’re already trying to juggle children!?


2. Keep snacks on you at ALL TIMES. They are always hungry.

3. Make sure electronic devices are fully charged. It’s
amazing how today’s technology can keep kids occupied for hours. Smartphones,
tablets, e-book readers, portable DVD players, etc, are all great ways to
entertain kids on long trips. And don’t forget the chargers.

4. Prepare for much needed space. I’m talking about
accommodations. When picking a place to stay on your vacation – consider
renting a house or condo – the extra space can be crucial to not losing your
mind! Plus having access to a kitchen can help you save on eating out!

5. BREATHE. Remember, it’s vacation – enjoy it!