5 Tips For Cheaper Airfare!

5 Tips For Cheaper Airfare!

Check out these tips to get the best prices on airfare!

Booking a flight can be one
of the most expensive aspects of planning your next trip. However, it doesn’t
have to be! There are a few tips and tricks that can help you save money on
your airline tickets.

1.  Booking
Flights is Country-Specific

Where you
are flying determines when you should purchase your plane tickets. So where are
you headed?

Europe: Book 8-10 months in advance

Asia: Book 9-10 months out

South America: Book 6 months in

Central America: Book 4-6 weeks out

Africa: Book 3-5 weeks in advance

Caribbean: Book 2-3 weeks in advance

Domestic Travels:  Book 3-7 weeks in advance

2.  Get Your
Search On

  Do not book the first flight you see. There are many options
for buying plane tickets from the airline’s website itself to travel agencies. Utilize
websites such as Skyscanner to compare
airlines so that you can get the BEST deal.  Additional
The first flight of the morning is generally the cheapest flight of
the day.

3. Depart on Tuesday/Wednesday & Return on Monday

Flying on one of the slowest air travel days can save you
a ton of money! The less people traveling mean that the ticket prices will be
less expensive. Friday and Sunday are the most expensive days to fly so avoid
those two days at all costs! Additionally, the best day to return home is on
Monday. Most travelers return on Sundays. If you can, be flexible with your
travel dates so that you can get the best-priced airfare.

4. Check Multiple Airports

  Many cities around the world have multiple airports. Often
there is the main airport and a secondary airport within the same city. Being flexible about which
airport you fly into can save you money on your tickets. For example, in
London, there are six international airports. However, 52% of passengers flying
into London land in Heathrow, thus making it one of the busiest airports in the
world. Why not fly into one of the five other international airports? This
could save you money and time (waiting in customs)!

5.  Embrace The

  Flights with layovers are significantly cheaper than
non-stop flights. Learn to love your layover. Layovers often give you enough
time to go out and explore a new city with no added cost! Consider booking a
flight with a 24-hour layover, you will get cheaper airfare and you will also
be able to go out and experience a new city. It is a win-win.

So go forth travelers! Book your next flight
using these five tips and tricks to get the BEST airfare at the CHEAPEST price!