6 Cozy Casserole Recipes To Keep You Warm This Winter!

Blog | January 7th, 2015

6 Cozy Casserole Recipes To Keep You Warm This Winter!

It’s been a
long day, and the last thing you want to think about is what you’re going to
make for dinner. To make matters worse, it’s too cold to even think straight!
Well, we’ve got you covered with these swoon-worthy dinners that are sure to
keep you warm, even on the coldest winter nights.

something comforting about a satisfying, flavorful casserole dish that reminds
you of mom’s cooking! If you’re in desperate need of some variety in the kitchen,
you have to try our favorite cozy casseroles for the winter. 

1. Chicken
Pot Pie Casserole

Warm cream
of chicken soup, seasoned veggies and shredded chicken baked in a flaky crust.
Need I say more? Not only is this comfort-food-favorite full of flavor, it’s
also healthy! This casserole is perfect for your “New Year, healthier you”

Get the full recipe here!

2. Pizza

We all have
the kitchen staples hiding in the pantry for this Italian-inspired casserole.
Throw in one part Bisquick, one part tomato sauce and two parts cheese for a
pizza casserole that will steal the show. Don’t forget your favorite pizza
toppings for an added flare!

Get the full recipe here!

3. Biscuits
and Gravy Casserole

and gravy on their own are full of flavor, but when you bake them together,
they practically melt in your mouth. There’s never too much gravy with this
hearty casserole! Now I know what most of you are thinking, biscuits and gravy
is supposed to be a breakfast dish. But c’mon, break the rules! We all know
that breakfast for dinner is the best kind of dinner.

Get the full recipe here!

Healthy Mexican Casserole

Not only is
this Mexican casserole healthy, it’s also vegetarian! Keep your New Year’s
resolutions on track with this veggie-filled recipe. With roasted corn and bell
peppers, this casserole is bursting with flavor and sure to keep you warm!

Get the full recipe here!

5. Creamy Chicken Casserole 

If you’re
having a hard time getting your family to eat their greens, this casserole dish
is for you. It’s the perfect combination of seasoned chicken, colorful broccoli,
nutrient-rich quinoa and last but certainly not least, crispy bacon. This
casserole is almost too good not to make twice!  

Get the full recipe here!

6. Taco Lasagna 

Life is
full of hard decisions, but one of them should never be, “What should I eat for
dinner tonight?” This 7-ingredient taco lasagna combines the best of both
worlds. Instead of using tortillas like most taco lasagnas, this perfectly
seasoned dish uses lasagna noodles! With just the right amount of spice, you
won’t be able to eat just one slice.  

Get the full recipe here!

what are you waiting for?! Bundle up, head to the kitchen and whip up one of
these easy and delicious casserole dinners to keep you warm all winter long!