6 Emotions Every Sunburnt Person Goes Through

6 Emotions Every Sunburnt Person Goes Through

Ahhh, sweet summertime. Long days, warm nights, trips to the
beach – the list goes on and on! While summer is my favorite season, there is
one thing I struggle with every single year. Sunburns.

It’s always such a love/hate relationship with the sun. If
you’re like me, aka vampire-like white, then you’ve most likely experienced the
6 Stages of Sunburn Grief. Can anyone say, Aloe Vera?

1.  It’s finally summer – beach, here I come! 



2. It’s getting pretty hot out here, I wonder if I should put more
sunblock on. Nah, I need a base tan anyway, right?


3. Hm, I really should have reapplied … I’m feeling a little


4. Ok, so I’m starting to look a little red. Maybe this wasn’t
such a good idea


5. Yep, it’s official. I am burnt to a crisp. 


6. Why wasn’t I more careful in the sun?! I’m going to need a
Costco-size bottle of Aloe Vera