6 Secrets to SAVE the Most on Black Friday 2014!

Blog | November 14th, 2014

6 Secrets to SAVE the Most on Black Friday 2014!

There’s no better way to burn off that turkey feast than by slipping on your money-saving shoes for an early morning shopping spree! Black Friday is the official start of the holiday shopping season and the second largest consumer-shopping day of the year! We like to think of that day as “The Hunger Games of Shopping,” because there’s nothing more intense than an eager crowd on a mission to score the hottest door-busting deals! 

Black Friday, November 28th is quickly approaching and people from all across the nation are gearing up and preparing to get their hands on the hottest deals of the holiday season! 

But have no fear! Frugalista’s here to get you 6 steps ahead of the hungry crowd! I’ve got a few secrets to share with you that’ll make your holiday shopping spree an absolute success!

Secret #1: Be Early

While you might be snoozing that alarm clock, there are hundreds already waiting in line for that TV that belongs to you! Get up, get ready, and head out for early shopping, because in this case, the early bird really does gets the worm! 

Secret #2: Focus Only On The Deals

Don’t forget why you stood in line for hours in the first place- not for those tempting wool socks at full price. Go into Black Friday shopping only for the best deals! You can grab those other essentials on another, less hectic day.  

Secret #3: Apply a 40% Off Rule

Save the most on Black Friday by ONLY shopping for goods that are 40% off or more! You’ll be getting the most bang for your buck with this simple rule. Stick to it! 

Secret #4: Electronics Are Your Best Friend

This holiday season, your best deals will be from saving on electronics. From $5 DVD’s to $200 television sets, it doesn’t get any cheaper than that!

Secret #5: Let Technology Be Your Guide

If you don’t plot a shopping strategy prior to entering “The Hunger Games of Shopping,” then you are amongst the very few people who are not prepared for the ultimate adventure! Take advantage of the latest technology and let store apps help plot your shopping strategies.

Secret #6: Shop  From Home

Research shows that 70% of Door-Busting Deals are featured online for a brief moment on Black Friday. So if trampling over your fellow neighbor isn’t your style, slip into your Christmas pajamas you can only wear once year and score your deals from the comfort of your own home!

Happy Shopping, Fabulous Freemales! May the deals be ever in your favor!