7 Companies With INCREDIBLE Return Policies

Blog | September 18th, 2015

7 Companies With INCREDIBLE Return Policies

Everyone loves shopping but when it comes to actually making
a purchase, one must be certain that they actually want the items that they are buying.
Why? Because returning products can be so difficult sometimes! However, there
are some stores that have amazing return policies. So shop freely and buy
whatever you want at these seven stores because these stores’ return polices
will not fill you with post-purchase regret. Shop on!


Costco has warehouses filled with extremely
large selections of various items and they also stand behind their products
100%. You can get a full refund on ANY item. Yes, this includes grocery items
that you bought, threw in the freezer and didn’t eat. There is only one
exception to this rule: electronics. These items must be returned within 90
days of purchase for a refund.


Shopping at department stores can be
frustrating. You don’t want to buy an item and risk not being able to return
it.  What if you don’t like that pair of
shoes or your husband hates that new sweater you bought him? Well you can shop
worry-free at Nordstrom.  Nordstrom will
take back any item at any time. The best part is that you don’t even need a


Do you shop on  If not, you should start. Not only do they
have an extremely large selection of shoes but they have a great return policy.
If you have purchased a pair of shoes that you don’t like, you have one year to
return them! They will refund you the full price of the product and they will also
cover any shipping costs!


Kohl’s is known for its great prices and
sales year-round. What people may not know is that Kohl’s has a one-year return
policy. You can return any item at anytime. The only thing you can’t return at
Kohl’s is gift cards!


This is another great store with a return
policy you won’t believe. L.L. Bean will take back any item at any time for ANY
reason. They guaranteed that their products will last. So if they don’t, return


How can you really know if that tent is
what you need for your future camping trips if you don’t use it and test it
out? That is how REI feels as well! REI has an open returns policy. This means
that you can return any item even if you have used it and if the tags are


Macy’s has no time limit restrictions on gift
returns! However, they do enforce a receipt policy so just ensure that you keep
the receipts and you can get a full refund on products at Macy’s.