7 Costco Shopping Secrets You NEED To Know

Blog | September 2nd, 2015

7 Costco Shopping Secrets You NEED To Know

Do you love shopping at Costco? Then you need to know these seven shopping secrets! 

How To Read The Signs

The price codes mean everything at
Costco.  Here is how to score the best

Prices ending in .99 are full-priced items

Prices ending in .97 are markdowns that the
store manager has decided on and these can often be GREAT discounts

Prices ending in .49, .59, or .79 are special
offers by the manufacturer

Asterisks mean that an item has been
discontinued and won’t be restocked

your ink at Costco

When you run out of ink, do you often just
go to the store and buy new ones? I sure do! Well you should know that Costco
refills ink cartridges for only $7.49. This will save you tons of money!

Get a
Costco Cash Card

Have you ever heard of the Costco Cash
Card? If you have the Cash Card, you don’t need a membership card to shop at
Costco! Pretty cool, huh? So how do you get one? Ask one of your friends who is
a member to get one for you! Then you can go shopping at Costco and pay using
the Cash Card. This is a good way for you to avoid the expensive membership

a party? Buy The Alcohol At Costco

Did you know that in most States, you can
buy alcohol at Costco without being a member? Well now you do! Check to make sure this applies to the State that you reside in.

to a movie? Buy the tickets at Costco

Movie tickets are cheaper at Costco than at
the theatre. So next time you are planning a dinner and a movie date, make a
quick stop at Costco to buy the tickets.

Pharmacy is the CHEAPEST Place To Get Generic Drugs

There isn’t much else to say about this tip
for Costco. The cheapest place to buy generic drugs is at Costco. Also, you don’t
have to be a member to use the pharmacy. 
So next time you are sick or need to refill a prescription, remember to
go to Costco.

Return Policy

Costco has one of the best return policies of
all stores.  Did you know that you have
two years to return almost anything you have purchased? Also, utilize their
price matching. Costco gives you 30 days to prove an item was cheaper at
another store and they will refund you the difference.